Answer Round of Our Q&A

Hello friends! It’s finally time to answer the questions from our Q&A. Thanks to everyone for participating! I’m excited for you guys to get to know the bears a little more. Anna‘s Questions What is your (Diamond’s) favorite type of post to do with the bears?? I think I’d have to go with photoshoots. Which bear do you think has the closest personality to yours? Though I do have a bit of my personality in all the bears, I think I would go with Cali for this question. and… A question for Waffle. What in a person (err… bear) do … Continue reading Answer Round of Our Q&A

Giveaway Winners + Q&A Announcement

Hello friends! You may be wondering why we’re all gathered here today. Well, there are a couple reasons! We will be announcing the giveaway winners, but first, we have an announcement! We’re doing a Q&A! You may have seen some new friends pop up lately. Now is a perfect chance to ask them things to get to know them better! Or…perhaps you have some things to ask old friends? Maybe it’s Diamond you have a question for. Either way now’s your chance to ask all the questions! You will have until Sunday, April 17th to ask your questions. This is … Continue reading Giveaway Winners + Q&A Announcement

Aftershock Red Carpet Q&A

Hello friends! Aftershock Season 1 officially ended last week, and in honor of that, the cast walked the red carpet! We asked them YOUR questions, so let’s see what they have to say. Special thanks to Sarah, Raegan, Kaley, Kaelyn, and Zeta for submitting questions. Here come the stars! Before we ask the cast their questions, we’re going to get some shots of the celebs. Okay, now we’re going to ask the cast some questions. Miss Cali Stone! Who is your favourite character in the story? *laughs* Well, I could be biased, but I do admire Lauren. For some reason, … Continue reading Aftershock Red Carpet Q&A

What I Learned From Camp Happy Heart + Q&A Answers

Unless you’re new to this blog, (in which case, hi! I hope you like it!) you’re familiar with Camp Happy Heart, an extravagent summer project of mine. My original goal was to post every day from June 1st – August 30th. Well, obviously that didn’t happen. But what else was planned for Camp and didn’t get included? Today, I’m going to share some things I learned from camp, share some things that I didn’t get to include, and finally, I’ll answer the questions you guys asked from the Q&A. Make sure to read to the end if you want to … Continue reading What I Learned From Camp Happy Heart + Q&A Answers