Answer Round of Our Q&A

Hello friends! It’s finally time to answer the questions from our Q&A. Thanks to everyone for participating! I’m excited for you guys to get to know the bears a little more. Anna‘s Questions What is your (Diamond’s) favorite type of post to do with the bears?? I think I’d have to go with photoshoots. Which bear do you think has the closest personality to yours? Though I do have a bit of my personality in all the bears, I think I would go with Cali for this question. and… A question for Waffle. What in a person (err… bear) do … Continue reading Answer Round of Our Q&A

Aftershock Red Carpet Q&A

Hello friends! Aftershock Season 1 officially ended last week, and in honor of that, the cast walked the red carpet! We asked them YOUR questions, so let’s see what they have to say. Special thanks to Sarah, Raegan, Kaley, Kaelyn, and Zeta for submitting questions. Here come the stars! Before we ask the cast their questions, we’re going to get some shots of the celebs. Okay, now we’re going to ask the cast some questions. Miss Cali Stone! Who is your favourite character in the story? *laughs* Well, I could be biased, but I do admire Lauren. For some reason, … Continue reading Aftershock Red Carpet Q&A

Twin Telepathy? (Twin Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2020)

“Hello friends! Welcome to this fine Twin Tuesday.” “Today, we have a game for you all! It is entitled ‘Twin Telepathy’. Have you ever heard how some twins just seem to know what the other is thinking? That is the theory we will be testing out today. We’ve selected two sets of twins, which you’ll meet in a minute. I’m your impartial host, Tyler Dyler. But you guys can just call me Tye.” “Here is the first set of twins, Cherry and Cherie Stone!” “The next set of twins are Rudy and Claire Stone! You may be wondering if there … Continue reading Twin Telepathy? (Twin Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2020)