Book Club "Hello friends! Today we're having a book club for the daily event, and we will be discussing some of our favorite books. I'm your host, Summer, and this is my co-host Starburst! I hope you enjoy this book club! The Super Adventurers can start us off." "Well, uh, I chose Harry Potter.… Continue reading Book Club

The Heart of a Story ~ Guest Post by Kaelyn

Hello friends! I hope you enjoy today's post! Kaelyn wrote it. Hello Campers from Camp Happy Heart!! 🙂 My name is Amor, the heart stuffie, and my name means love in Spanish, which is my home country of Spain's national language. This is my first year ever at Camp Happy Heart and A Book Can Take… Continue reading The Heart of a Story ~ Guest Post by Kaelyn

Getting Cozy With a Book ~ Photoshoot

Hello friends! Today. Gracie will be the star of a reading themed photoshoot. I hope you enjoy! I hope you enjoyed those photos of Gracie!