Camp Happy Heart 2022 Recap

Hello friends! Today marks the final day of our fourth year of Camp Happy Heart! This year didn’t go quite like I’d planned or anticipated, but I’m glad I finished this camp. Hopefully, next year will be better, but as for now, let’s focus on the good parts from this year! Week 1 – Welcome to Camp Checking In || Kicking off Camp Happy Heart 2022 DIY Weekly Schedule Board CHH Bingo Summertime Self-Care with Cora DIY Picnic Table Week 2 – Maggie’s Week fun boredom busters with janet! piña colada popsicles with chad! angie’s art class: meet the students! … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart 2022 Recap

Parties of the Past

Hello friends! For our last day of party week, I’m going to be sharing some of our previous party posts. I hope you enjoy seeing some of these posts from the BABF time capsule! This one is very old, but it’s fun! Look at all the fun decor. If you’re in a beachy mood, check out this post from 2019. Perhaps you’re in more of an exclusive party mood? Check out this one from New Years 2020. Maybe a tea party is more your style? If you’d like a seasonal themed party, try this Halloween one! Or maybe this Christmas … Continue reading Parties of the Past

Tye’s Beach Recap ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Tye

Hello friends! It’s been a while since our last BABAD. Mostly because we’ve had a lot happening here on this blog lately. I think it’s time to cut back a bit on this series. (partially because I realized how close we’re getting to the end and I’m not ready) For now, I’m going to try to get one of these up once a month, but also that will no longer be on Sunday. Just the regular old Friday post for y’all! Anyway, Tye went to the beach for a few days, and for his BABAD, he requested that he share … Continue reading Tye’s Beach Recap ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Tye

Adventures at Grandma’s House {Summer 2021}

Hello friends! So, I’ve been at my grandma’s house for the months of July and August! I of course brought the bears and took photos of them. (You may have noticed different backgrounds in some of my posts. This is why!) Anyway, here are the photos I took of them! As you can see, we had a blast. Here was where the bears stayed while I was at Grandma’s! On top of the dresser. As you can see, I brought Stella, Petal, Sandy, Mischief, Cherry, Cloud, Sparkles, and Chip. My grandma suggested that I make a small quilt for my … Continue reading Adventures at Grandma’s House {Summer 2021}

Camp Happy Heart 2021 Recap

Hello friends! I’m sad today because camp is over… Then again…I do get to free up my posting schedule a good bit… Anyway, today’s post is to recap all of camp! In case you missed one of the 45… (I’m going to get a looooot of pingbacks…) Welcome to camp was a fun week to kick off camp. I think the Check-In Photostory was my favorite of this week? Check-In Chaos ~ Life at Camp Welcome Ceremony A Photoshoot by the Campfire 2021 Registration Forms + Graphics An Overview of the Camp Contests Honestly looking back I think this might … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart 2021 Recap

A Trip to Universal ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Mischief

Hello friends! Recently, I was able to go to Universal Studios! I was really, really grateful to have been able to go on this trip, because we actually have been trying to go since February. (we only had to reschedule 2-3 times…) It was a little different with COVID and everything, but I still took Mischief and he wants to tell you about his time for today’s BABAD post! I’ll let him take it away from here. This is me looking out the window and constantly asking “Are we there yet?” It took a while to get there, and even … Continue reading A Trip to Universal ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Mischief

Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

Hello friends! Camp Happy Heart 2020 is almost over. So, like I did last year, I will do a recap of camp! Prepare for a lot of links. Like, a lot. Anyway, let’s relive the best of camp! Craft Round-Up A Brand New Summer (Guest Post by Emmie) DIY Pillow Petal Meets Her Cabinmates ~ Life at Camp Tour of Camp DIY Red Cape Meet Kaelyn and Daisy (Guest Post by Kaelyn) Part of Your World Photoshoot Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! ~ Life at Camp Princess and the Pea Retelling Gymnastics Photoshoot DIY Volleyball Winning and Losing ~ Life at Camp … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

A Collection of Vacation Photos

Hello friends! Back in May, we went to my grandma’s house for Memorial Day. I obviously brought some campers, so you’ll be seeing some photos of the Cheerful Ladybugs cabin having fun on their trip. I’ve also included photos of my dogs, because well, they’re too adorable not too! Swirl will narrate the rest of this post, so I’ll hand it over to her. Hey guys! I’m going to be telling you about some of the adventures we had at Diamond’s grandma’s! Firstly, we were in the car for a long time. But look at these cute dogs! Aren’t they … Continue reading A Collection of Vacation Photos