Reader Photos – Last Day of Camp Happy Heart 2019

Camp is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share some reader pics! I got a few people to send me in some photos, and there were also some challenges. Sadly, no one entered the Sport’s Tournament, but it’s okay! Although, it did have the best prizes. Anyway, firstly, Libby sent in a picture of the journal that she made for Pancake! As you can see … Continue reading Reader Photos – Last Day of Camp Happy Heart 2019

Recap – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey guys! For today’s part of Reflections of Camp, we have a Camp recap! Camp isn’t quite over, but I’d like to go ahead and recap it before tomorrow’s epic finale! Week 1 – Welcome to Camp This week consisted of setting this up and settling in. Registration Forms Cali’s First Day Orientation Day DIY Journal DIY Nametags DIY Stationary Playing Cards Toy DIYs Camp … Continue reading Recap – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Wrap-Up Wednesday – BAB Takeover Week January 2019

Hey guys and happy 2019! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your year so far. So, today for Takeover Week, I, Cali, will be reviewing what we did this year. I am breaking the rule of Takeover week a little and letting a human help me. Yes Diamond will help recap the year, but I’m still the author of this post. I thought 2018 was mostly … Continue reading Wrap-Up Wednesday – BAB Takeover Week January 2019

Disney World – December 2017

Hey guys! I’m here to share our photos from our trip from…December. Yeah, I really need to catch up on our travel recaps. Anyway, here’s our Christmas Disney Trip! We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The first morning we were there, we went to Animal Kingdom. I enjoyed their Christmas decorations. That morning, we walked around the queue of It’s Tough to be a Bug. … Continue reading Disney World – December 2017