A Collaborative Combination of Talents ~ A Collab with the Lovely Rebekah

  Hey guys! Today Sandy and Cupcake have put together a collab! Rebekah and I had a lot of fun planning this, and I’m really excited to work with her! Ahem? Right, Sandy will be the one writing up this post. Take it away, Sandy!     Hey friends! It’s me, Sandy! Cupcake and I have been planning this collab for a little while, so I’m really excited! To begin, we’ve put together an interview and we’re both going to answer the questions! You can keep an eye out for Cupcake’s post over at Stuffie Adventures. Let’s begin with the interview!(the first five questions are … Continue reading A Collaborative Combination of Talents ~ A Collab with the Lovely Rebekah

Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards

Having so many BABs, it can be hard to make a post for each one’s birthday. So, I decided that every two months, I will acknowledge all the birthdays within those two months. Also, I will do the awards and/or tags within those two months as well. Let’s start with the awards! I was nominated by the I Love You Tag by the lovely Jewel. Thanks Jewel! The Rules : Use the tag image! Link the creator and the original post! Send the card/tag to 5 or more other blogging buddies! You can send it to me and anyone else … Continue reading Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards

The Dolly PhotoFunia Challenge #DollyPhotoFunia

Before I officially start this post, I’d like to apologize for not posting very much on here. I have been busy, and just simply not very focused on blogging on this blog, or my other one. Sorry! Hey guys! So stuffieadventures.wordpress.com started this challenge! I totally encourage anyone to do it, it’s a ton of fun! Here are the rules: HOW TO ENTER: Go to PhotoFunia and choose up to 20 effects, putting in pictures of your doll(s). Download these pictures and put them in a post, just like we did! Include the Dolly PhotoFunia logo and the hashtag #DollyPhotoFunia When you’re … Continue reading The Dolly PhotoFunia Challenge #DollyPhotoFunia