Build a Bears Furever’s 3rd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

Hello friends! It’s time for our third annual Halloween Fashion Show! Build a Bears Furever’s 1st annual Halloween Fashion Show! Build a Bears Furever 2nd Annual Halloween Fashion Show! I can’t believe that we’ve made it to 3 Halloween Fashion Shows! I even missed it my first year blogging. Anyway, I first did a BAB Halloween Fashion Show back in…2013? I feel old. Anyway, my point is I’ve done this a lot. I try to keep it interesting by changing up the setting and costumes each year. I’ve gotten some new costumes this year, and I feel that the photos turned out … Continue reading Build a Bears Furever’s 3rd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

Goodbye Summer (Photoshoot of Gracie)

Hello friends! In honor of summer being over, I took a summery photoshoot of Gracie. I feel like I don’t do photoshoots of Gracie enough! She looks adorable. Also, I sewed this pair of overalls last week, so please appreciate them! They took me over 2 hours to make… Also, please appreciate the clasps, because they took so long! Anyway, I never know how to caption photoshoots, so I’m just going to use the lyrics from the song Summer Feelings. Also, before I begin this photoshoot, I’d love it if you could take my BABF 2020 survey! I announced it … Continue reading Goodbye Summer (Photoshoot of Gracie)

How To Be Friendly To Everyone (Friendship Friday BAB Takeover Week ~ September 2020)

Hello friends! In honor of the Back-To-School themed takeover week, we’re doing a post on how to be friendly to everyone. Dreamy and I have compiled tips on how we feel you can best do this. I hope you learn something! Smile This can be huge, and it’s really, really simple. It literally does not inconvenience you at all to smile at someone. Just smile whenever you see people. It can make you into a very friendly person. It also makes you seem more approachable. Don’t ignore anyone Okay, so when people are talking, don’t ignore them! I’m not saying … Continue reading How To Be Friendly To Everyone (Friendship Friday BAB Takeover Week ~ September 2020)

How to Know When You Are No Longer Friends (Friendship Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week August 2020)

Hello friends! Dreamy and I have another friendship tips post for you all today. This one isn’t as fun as most our other ones, but I hope it is still useful. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to know when a friendship is over. This isn’t normally a fun thing, but it is a topic that has to do with friendship! There are usually things that start whenever you start to lose friendship. There are ways to repair friendships, as outlined in these posts: How to Stay Friends When You Are Busy, and How to Stay Friends After … Continue reading How to Know When You Are No Longer Friends (Friendship Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week August 2020)

Camp Happy Heart Parade

Hello friends! Today I have a really cool post for you all! Last year, I was planning to do a camp parade, but when it came down to it, I didn’t have too much time to make it. However, I loved the idea of a camp parade! So, here we have the parade! The counselors drove the Jeep leading the parade. The Campfire Crew made their float music themed! The Cheerful Ladybugs dressed up like fairytale characters for their float. The Super Adventurer’s didn’t really theme their float, but it still looked pretty cool. Finally, the Bold Butterflies had a … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart Parade

Book Club

“Hello friends! Today we’re having a book club for the daily event, and we will be discussing some of our favorite books. I’m your host, Summer, and this is my co-host Starburst! I hope you enjoy this book club! The Super Adventurers can start us off.” “Well, uh, I chose Harry Potter. It’s about wizards, but I assume everyone knows that by now…” “My book is about pirates who go on a quest to steal magical peanuts.” “Mischief, did you even read that book?” “Uhhhhh, no?” “Um, this book didn’t have words. I mean, it did have words, but not … Continue reading Book Club

Award Ceremony

Hello friends! Today the campers at Camp Happy Heart had a little award ceremony. Let’s see how it went, shall we? “Hello campers!” Counselor Summer announced. “Welcome to our award ceremony! I’m your host, Counselor Summer! Now, instead of having everyone receiving #1, #2, and #3 medals, we’ve decided to come up with unique certificates that highlight your individual accomplishments. Also, there are some intentional grammatical errors on the certificates. We wanted each certificate to start with ‘most,’ so some of the certificates are not grammatically correct.” “Anyway, without further ado, let’s begin! Rudy, will you come up?” Rudy raced … Continue reading Award Ceremony