Aftershock Epilogue

Hello friends! Today is our last day of Aftershock week! I have something fun planned today… I half-expected that some of you might have been disappointed with the abrupt ending Aftershock. I mean, aren’t there still loose ends to deal with? Yes, there are. That’s why I’ve put together…An Aftershock Epilogue! Before I share the epilogue with y’all, I’d like to thank you once again for following this story. I really cannot put into words how much each comment has meant to me! I know a lot of you are a bit sad to think of no more Aftershock, and … Continue reading Aftershock Epilogue

Reacting to the Aftershock Prologue

Hello friends! Today I will be reacting to the Aftershock prologue! I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate Aftershock’s legacy…by looking at Aftershock’s humble beginnings. My reactions will be normal and the prologue will be in italics. You can read the original post here if you like. I’d forgotten I’d made this cast list. Lauren and Tori’s names came from a name generator, and as you can see, I didn’t do so well at naming the other characters. One thing that surprises me is that Baby isn’t in this cast list! I’m pretty sure he was in … Continue reading Reacting to the Aftershock Prologue

Aftershock Trivia

Hello friends! Are you ready for more of Aftershock Finale week? I am! Today, I’ll be sharing some Aftershock trivia! I hope you guys enjoy! This was the original synopsis for Aftershock: This series will follow Lauren Davis(Periwinkle) as she joins a team of superhero recruiters. As the team recruits superheroes, they have a lot of adventures. And, maybe learn a few secrets about themselves. Okay, I can’t think of much else to share. Feel free to ask any questions about the series in the comments! I’d love to chat! Continue reading Aftershock Trivia

Aftershock Alternate Ending

Hello friends! Welcome back to Aftershock Finale Week! For today’s post, I have an alternate ending for Aftershock. FYI, you’ll want to have read the finale of Aftershock to avoid spoilers before continuing with today’s post. Here’s a link in case you missed it. Click away if you haven’t read the finale yet! We all stepped out of the van, standing close together to show our loyalty to each other. Lauren stood in front of us all, as our leader. Facing her was Pyro. My enemy. “I see you’ve gotten my message. Have you come to join us or fight … Continue reading Aftershock Alternate Ending

Which Aftershock Character Are You? | QUIZ

Hello friends! To celebrate the end of Aftershock, I’ve got a lot of fun things planned this week. Today, I’m going to be sharing a quiz that you can take to determine which Aftershock character you are. I had a lot of fun putting this together. Make sure to answer accurately and keep track of your answers! 1. If you were a Disney Villain, who would you be? a. Ursula b. I’m too innocent to be a villain. c. Lotso d. Oogie Boogie. e. Emperor Zurg f. Maleficent g. Scar. 2. If you found out you had superpowers, what would … Continue reading Which Aftershock Character Are You? | QUIZ

Aftershock S3 Episode 7 (Series Finale)

Hello friends! We’ve finally come to the series finale of Aftershock. It’s been a long journey, but we’re finally here. I hope you guys like this! I’ve put a lot time into this series and it’s a little sad that it’s finally come to an end. That being said, I’m ready to move on to other projects. Obligatory refresher link. The task had fallen upon my head to lead the superpowered team. I guess it made sense since I was the only super with experience on a team, but I hated the time it took away from Teddy. Teddy had … Continue reading Aftershock S3 Episode 7 (Series Finale)

Aftershock S3 Episode 6

Hello friends! It’s time for another episode of Aftershock! This one’s the last episode before the finale… I do have a finale week planned. It’s a little sad to say goodbye to our first photo series, but it’s time to wrap this series up. I hope you enjoy today’s episode! Here’s a refresher from last week’s episode in case you forgot… While I had been focusing on Teddy, Tori focused on tracking down Pyro. I kept my thoughts away from that subject, not wanting to deal with the consequences. I knew I would eventually have to address the superpowered part … Continue reading Aftershock S3 Episode 6

Aftershock S3 Episode 5

Hello friends! I interrupt all the Halloween goodness to bring you the next installment of Aftershock! Enjoy! The obligatory refresher link… Teddy was ecstatic that Tori was back, but I think he was more fascinated by Baby. “Why didn’t you tell me you used to work with a talking robot?” he asked, his eyes glowing. “Excuse me,” Baby interjected. “I am not a robot. I am a droid. There is a difference.” Tori and I exchanged a quick glance. I really missed that droid. “Baby, can you track the geolocation of this?” I asked, sending him the photo Pyro had … Continue reading Aftershock S3 Episode 5

Aftershock S3 Episode 4

Hello friends! Are you guys excited for another episode of Aftershock? We’re nearly halfway through the season. I can’t believe this is our last season! Here’s a refresher if you missed last week’s episode. I hope you enjoy today’s episode… My heart leaped when I got a text from Mr. Man. This could either be good or bad news, and I was hoping it would be the former. Attached to the text was a photo of Pyro. Mr. Man also included coordinates to her location. “Got her,” he said. I grinned. “We did it!” Now, all we had to do … Continue reading Aftershock S3 Episode 4

Aftershock S3 Episode 3

Hello friends! I hope you’re all excited about today’s episode of Aftershock because I am! I have a bit of good news to share with you. I have all of the pictures through part six! So, I can confidently say you should have an episode each week on Friday at 3:00 p.m. EST. (unless I’m just being inexcusably lazy) I might switch up one of those days for Halloween, but we’ll see. I’m hoping to possibly get some fall/Halloween-themed posts up on a Monday or Tuesday, but we’ll just have to see. Also, do you guys want me to finish … Continue reading Aftershock S3 Episode 3