Aftershock Prologue

Hello friends! Today I have for you the very first installment of Aftershock! Even though this is a photo series, there will not be any photos in the prologue. I just have a short little passage for you all, so you can kind of get the idea of the series. I hope you enjoy! I’d always been fascinated by superheroes. First, I’d loved them as fictional characters while I was growing up. Then, they saved the world when I was a teenager and we knew they weren’t just stories. I’d decided then that I wanted to be one someday. The … Continue reading Aftershock Prologue

Printable Superhero Mask – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey guys! For today’s craft, I have a link to a printable that makes some superhero masks! I would make my own printable, but we all have seen my graphic design skills, so…that won’t be happening. You might have to resize these masks, but that’s pretty easy to do. I hope you guys like making these! Here’s the link. If you made these, be sure to send a pic to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com. Continue reading Printable Superhero Mask – Camp Happy Heart 2019