Winning and Losing ~ Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! I hope you’re enjoying Astonishing Athletics week so far. I feel like it’s a lot better than last year’s, because I had absolutely no inspiration for that one. Anyway, today I have a photostory for you featuring Tye! I’m really excited to officially introduce him to you all. (Cloud’s POV) It was lunchtime. Rudy and I however, were not at lunch. Why, you might ask? Well, someone forgot his water bottle in the cabin. Great. And, due to camp rules, we aren’t allowed to go anywhere without a buddy. So, that meant Rudy had to drag me along … Continue reading Winning and Losing ~ Life at Camp Photostory

DIY Swimsuit – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey everyone! I’m back again with another Camp Happy Heart post! For today’s post, I don’t have an original craft for you, but I have a fun craft that I use often, both for AGs, and Stuffies. I think you guys will enjoy it. These gals are certainly loving their swimsuits! Look forward to tomorrow’s post! Remember, you can send any camp related pics to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com! Continue reading DIY Swimsuit – Camp Happy Heart 2019

DIY Surfboard – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hi. I guess I missed a few days of camp. I just got back from camp(It was a lot of fun, but also very exhausting) plus, my mom’s been in the hospital again(if I ever get a personal blog maybe I’ll vent about it) so I haven’t been thinking about blogging much. However, today I prepared this post for you all! This week is SURF’S UP! I think you guys can figure out that it has something ro do with the beach, right? Well today, I’m going to show you all how to make a surfboard for your campers! First, … Continue reading DIY Surfboard – Camp Happy Heart 2019