Tour of Camp

Hello friends! Today I'm going to be taking you on a tour of the campsite. I'm really excited because this year I have a designated space for camp. Last year... I basically threw evertything on my dining room table and it was not good. I was so cluttered when it came time to make a… Continue reading Tour of Camp

The Stone Family Living Room + Blueprint

About a year ago, I made a room for the Stones. I was having a bit of trouble writing about them, so I decided to make a set up for them. This is the overview of the room. It was in late October, so that's why it's fall themed. I liked this little table set… Continue reading The Stone Family Living Room + Blueprint

Room/Blogging Journal Tour

Hey friends! Today I will be sharing a tour of my room and blogging journal! I *had* already written this post, but Blogger glitched, and now it's gone. Hence why I switched to WordPress. Anyway, now I will start over. This is what you see when you enter. Here's my dresser. I have a silver… Continue reading Room/Blogging Journal Tour

My BAB/Blogging Area!

Hey guys! I recently began re-doing my room, and with that means I devoted a corner strictly for my blogging area! Since my BABs are what I blog about, I wanted to also make a place for them where they could "live" I thought it would be really difficult to find a good area in… Continue reading My BAB/Blogging Area!