Disney World – March 2018 {BABF archives}

Hello friends! I know I promised the last episode of L’ETUDIANT today, but what do you know? I was unable to get the photos for that this week. But that means you guys get a post from our drafts! From 2018! So ummmm, excuse the quality😂 See you on Friday for L’ETUDIANT! Yet again, I’m back with another travel recap. This is from my last trip to Disney World as an Annual Passholder. It was fun while it lasted. The welcoming sign. Cloud was very happy. We were staying at All-Star Sports again. After we arrived, we went to Hollywood … Continue reading Disney World – March 2018 {BABF archives}

Our September Disney Trip {from 2017…}

Hello friends! This post has been in my drafts for…well, honestly I don’t remember. It’s from back when my blog was hosted on Blogger…and I switched in May 2018…it’s pretty old. I mentioned it recently, and decided, why not post it? This post is definitely not up to my usual standards. But rather than editing it, I think I’ll just leave it as is. Enjoy reading my writing from nearly 5 years ago…Haha. Also my photography was greattttttttttttt. And I really want to go back to Disney… Anywhere, here’s my untouched post from at least early 2018! Enjoy! Ugh, some … Continue reading Our September Disney Trip {from 2017…}

Tye’s Beach Recap ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Tye

Hello friends! It’s been a while since our last BABAD. Mostly because we’ve had a lot happening here on this blog lately. I think it’s time to cut back a bit on this series. (partially because I realized how close we’re getting to the end and I’m not ready) For now, I’m going to try to get one of these up once a month, but also that will no longer be on Sunday. Just the regular old Friday post for y’all! Anyway, Tye went to the beach for a few days, and for his BABAD, he requested that he share … Continue reading Tye’s Beach Recap ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Tye

Adventures at Grandma’s House {Summer 2021}

Hello friends! So, I’ve been at my grandma’s house for the months of July and August! I of course brought the bears and took photos of them. (You may have noticed different backgrounds in some of my posts. This is why!) Anyway, here are the photos I took of them! As you can see, we had a blast. Here was where the bears stayed while I was at Grandma’s! On top of the dresser. As you can see, I brought Stella, Petal, Sandy, Mischief, Cherry, Cloud, Sparkles, and Chip. My grandma suggested that I make a small quilt for my … Continue reading Adventures at Grandma’s House {Summer 2021}

10 Pandemic Travel Tips (Travel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2020)

Hello friends! Today, I have compiled a list of ten tips for traveling during a pandemic. Now, I want to preface this and say that traveling during a pandemic can put you at risk and you should put a lot of thought into whether you should go or not. However, if you do decide to go, following these tips can help you out! Wear a mask This one is simply because it’s required. I know it’s no fun to wear a mask, but if you go on a trip, you have to! Make sure to try and find some that … Continue reading 10 Pandemic Travel Tips (Travel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2020)

A Trip to Universal ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Mischief

Hello friends! Recently, I was able to go to Universal Studios! I was really, really grateful to have been able to go on this trip, because we actually have been trying to go since February. (we only had to reschedule 2-3 times…) It was a little different with COVID and everything, but I still took Mischief and he wants to tell you about his time for today’s BABAD post! I’ll let him take it away from here. This is me looking out the window and constantly asking “Are we there yet?” It took a while to get there, and even … Continue reading A Trip to Universal ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Mischief

10 (More) Things to Do in the Car (Travel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week August 2020)

Hello friends! We have another list of ideas of what to do in the car for you today! I encourage you to check out our first list here. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get onto the list! Plan You can plan along the way. Whether you’re planning things to do on your trip, or something else, this can be a great way to utilize your time in the car. Sleep I mean, sometimes there’s nothing better to do? And if you’re going on a particularly long trip, you’ll probably have to sleep at some point. Make Friendship Bracelets Friendship bracelets … Continue reading 10 (More) Things to Do in the Car (Travel Thursday ~ BAB Takeover Week August 2020)

A Collection of Vacation Photos

Hello friends! Back in May, we went to my grandma’s house for Memorial Day. I obviously brought some campers, so you’ll be seeing some photos of the Cheerful Ladybugs cabin having fun on their trip. I’ve also included photos of my dogs, because well, they’re too adorable not too! Swirl will narrate the rest of this post, so I’ll hand it over to her. Hey guys! I’m going to be telling you about some of the adventures we had at Diamond’s grandma’s! Firstly, we were in the car for a long time. But look at these cute dogs! Aren’t they … Continue reading A Collection of Vacation Photos

Life is a Highway ~ Photoshoot

Hey guys! I recently went on a long road trip, and of course, I took some of the bears along with me! I did a mini photoshoot with Mischief, hope you enjoy! Life is like a road that you travel onWhen there is one day here and the next day goneSometimes you bend, sometimes you standSometimes you turn your back to the windThere is a world outside every darkened doorWhere blues will not haunt you anymoreWhere brave are free and lovers soarCome ride with me to the distant shoreWe won’t hesitateTo break down the garden gateThere’s not much time left … Continue reading Life is a Highway ~ Photoshoot