Travel Thursday – BAB Takeover Week May 2019

Hey guys! It’s me Teacup here with another Travel Thursday. Since Diamond’s about to go out of town, I thought I would share my travel essentials. First, I have a suitcase. Suitcases are obviously important, but you don’t have to have a specific one. I like this set of Diamond’s.  It’s even expandable! It came with two suitcases, and the smaller one inside. Then, I … Continue reading Travel Thursday – BAB Takeover Week May 2019

Helping Diamond Pack ~ A BABF Original Photostory

Cali’s POV I was in the middle of exploring Diamond’s room with my very best friends, my brother Cloud, Mischief, and Sparkles, when suddenly, we came across a notepad. It was a medium sized notepad, but it seemed much bigger to us. “What do you think it is?” Cloud inquired. Sparkles peered at the writings on the sheet of paper. She squinted, to try to … Continue reading Helping Diamond Pack ~ A BABF Original Photostory

Disney World – December 2017

Hey guys! I’m here to share our photos from our trip from…December. Yeah, I really need to catch up on our travel recaps. Anyway, here’s our Christmas Disney Trip! We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The first morning we were there, we went to Animal Kingdom. I enjoyed their Christmas decorations. That morning, we walked around the queue of It’s Tough to be a Bug. … Continue reading Disney World – December 2017


Hey guys! When we were on vacation, the Stone kids decided to have a sleepover. Here’s how it went! (the pictures are supposed to be dark and not very good quality) It was bedtime. Diamond tucked all of the Stone children into bed so that they could go to sleep. However, they were on vacation! Cloud knew that none of the kids were going to … Continue reading Sleepover