A Tribute to BAB Takeover Week

Hello friends! We had a bit of trouble figuring out what to do for our final BABTW post, but we think we’ve come up with something pretty good. A Tribute to BAB Takeover Week! Let’s hear from the bears who were featured most in BABTW! Eden has thoroughly enjoyed sharing her crafts with you. While Marvelous Mondays with Eden is over, Eden wants to assure you all that she will be sticking around the blog with more crafts.Who knows? Maybe she’ll have a week where she does nothing but crafts! Eden will also be attending Camp Happy Heart this summer … Continue reading A Tribute to BAB Takeover Week

What-We-Did-For-Twilight’s-Birthday Wednesday

Hey. I know it’s a bit later than our typical posts. Do I look like I care? I’m Twilight. Without me, there wouldn’t even be a blog. Anyway, my birthday was on Saturday. I’m going to tell you about it now. I woke up to my family cheering for me. I normally would have been incredibly annoyed by this, but it was my birthday after all. I was pretty glad that everyone remembered. Berry made me pancakes. She dyed them purple and I quite enjoyed them. Then, we played some games together. I won at all of them, naturally. We … Continue reading What-We-Did-For-Twilight’s-Birthday Wednesday

Day in the Life of Twilight (Thursday’s Twilight ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2020)

Hello peasants! (I think that’s how I will address you all from now on.) Today, I will let you all take a peek into one of my ordinary days. You’re welcome. Feel free to plan your days like I do. 11:00 a.m. – I wake up. I know people normally wake up before this, but since I’m so awesome, I can wake up whenever I like. I’ll usually get breakfast at this point, and it works out. Since I’m the last one up, I get the kitchen all to myself. I get Berry(who is normally starting to make lunch at … Continue reading Day in the Life of Twilight (Thursday’s Twilight ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2020)