The Year of New Friends (Wonderful Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2021)

Hello friends! We’re here today to tell you about something fun that happened to us recently. Hope you enjoy! (from Sandy’s POV) My best friend Gracie, my new friend Stella, and I, were all baking cupcakes. Gracie was in charge of mixing everything together and Stella read the recipe while I gathered the ingredients. We were having a grand time working together, all working seamlessly in a rhythm. A blaring ringing noise could be heard coming from the other room. I listened intently. That wasn’t Mommy’s phone, so it must have been our phone! Mommy was convinced that we kids … Continue reading The Year of New Friends (Wonderful Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2021)

Reason for the Season ~ the True Meaning of Christmas

Hello friends! Today, I’m going to share a photostory with you all that I feel captures the true meaning of Christmas. I hope you enjoy and take a few moments today to ponder what Christmas means to you. Oh, and this story is told from Tye’s perspective in case you’re confused. The smell of cinnamon filled the air as I entered my friends’ house. I was immediately taken aback by the stockings, gifts, and glowing tree in the Stone’s living room. I knew a lot of people decorate their house for Christmas, but this was a little much. They even … Continue reading Reason for the Season ~ the True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas Caroling ~ A Photoshoot

Hello friends! It’s getting really close to Christmas, so I won’t mention how many days are left. (We’re getting a little too close for my taste). Anyway, today the Stones starred in a Christmas Caroling photoshoot for all of you to enjoy. I hope you like it! “Kids!” Mommy melodiously called. “It’s almost time to leave for Christmas caroling!” “Oh, but we aren’t ready!” Sandy frantically replied. “Please let us practice one more song?” “Alright,” Daddy agreed. “But make it quick.” Sandy tapped along to the beat and then lead the clan in song. Hark! the herald angels sing:“Glory to … Continue reading Christmas Caroling ~ A Photoshoot

Build a Bears Furever’s 3rd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

Hello friends! It’s time for our third annual Halloween Fashion Show! Build a Bears Furever’s 1st annual Halloween Fashion Show! Build a Bears Furever 2nd Annual Halloween Fashion Show! I can’t believe that we’ve made it to 3 Halloween Fashion Shows! I even missed it my first year blogging. Anyway, I first did a BAB Halloween Fashion Show back in…2013? I feel old. Anyway, my point is I’ve done this a lot. I try to keep it interesting by changing up the setting and costumes each year. I’ve gotten some new costumes this year, and I feel that the photos turned out … Continue reading Build a Bears Furever’s 3rd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

Pumpkin Patch Photoshoot feat. Tye

Hello friends! Today I have a photoshoot of Tye for you all! I think it turned out really nice, and I hope you enjoy! Tye loves fall! I made his outfit recently. Actually, I’ve acquired a lot of clothes for these bears lately, so I think I will do a haul after Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, we’ve got big plans over here at BABF! We’ll be doing our fashion show as usual, as well as a Halloween themed photostory. Tye cannont wait to show you his costume. He says it’s just super. This photo is one of my favorites from … Continue reading Pumpkin Patch Photoshoot feat. Tye