Back to School Portraits 2021 ~ Back to School Week

Hello friends! Today I have a post I’m really excited about. In 2018 I did a post where I took photos of the bears for their school photos. Well, I guess it’s become a tradition because this marks the fourth year! Anyway, here are the school photos 2021! I hope you enjoy, and also stay tuned until the end… Starting off…here’s your third grade class! It seems like only yesterday these guys were in Kindergarten. *sobs* My babies are growing up so quickly… Cali. Notice my new floors anyone? Cloud. …I only just realized that this is the same outfit … Continue reading Back to School Portraits 2021 ~ Back to School Week

Too Much Homework Photostory ~ Back to School Week

Hello friends! Today I have a photostory for you all! I feel like everyone can probably relate to this… Anyway, this is told by Tyler’s POV, so enjoy! “Class dismissed,” Mrs. Johnson announced. Relief seeped into my body and my shoulders relaxed. Today sure was hard. Finally, it was Friday. Friday meant that my first week of middle school was officially over. 6th grade was determined to kill me. At least, that’s what it felt like. I had more classes and homework than I had time. Which meant that I had no time to spend with my friends all week. … Continue reading Too Much Homework Photostory ~ Back to School Week

Camp Happy Heart Color War ~ Life at Camp

Hello friends! Camp Happy Heart is drawing to a close and I’m sad about it! But don’t worry, it’s coming back next year. And I do have some cool stuff planned this fall. So, it’ll be okay. Anyway, today the campers had a color war! But I won’t say any more than that…you’ll have to read the post! (told in Cali’s POV) STAGE ONE I plucked at the green headband atop my head. Camp Happy Heart was nearly over, and to celebrate, we were having a color war. It seemed really fun, and I had been excited at first. But … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart Color War ~ Life at Camp

Camp Happy Heart Talent Show

Hello friends! Welcome to our Camp Happy Heart Talent show! I’m your host, Summer! Our first participant is Sandy. Look at this lovely painting she’s created! Next up, we have Cam performing push-ups. How many can he do? Woah, 35! That’s pretty good Cam! Here’s this delicious pastry Waffle baked. I tried some myself, and it truly was delicious! Gracie will be hitting the ball with her paddle! That’s pretty great! Stella will be sharing words to describe camp. “audacious – extremely bold or daring” “boisterous – noisily jolly or rowdy” “effervesce – to show enthusiasm, excitement, liveliness, etc.:” “mirthful … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart Talent Show

Tye’s Super Special Secret Surprise Party

Hello friends! Did you like yesterday’s post? I hope so, because today is sort of a continuation! All the preparations had paid off. The campers were now eagerly awaiting Tye’s arrival to the party area. Tye slowly walked in, following his cabinmates. “This is for me?” he gasped. Seeing how his birthday was last week, he hadn’t been expecting a party. “Happy birthday!” The bears said in unison. “We have a present for you,” Chip grinned. “We have games too,” Swirl added. “Here’s the refreshments!” Cam shouted. Candy waved her arms, “We’re going to be providing the music!” Tye wandered … Continue reading Tye’s Super Special Secret Surprise Party

Caption It! Contest

Hello friends! Welcome to Party week! We’ve got a fun filled week for you all. To kick things off, it’s time for our second summer contest! You guys are going to caption this photo for me! Just what is going on in this photo? Well, I know that, but you guys need to come up with your own idea! Comment plenty of wild things, the crazier the better! Look closely to figure out the best caption for this photo. Anyway, this is a contest. Whichever comment gets the most likes will win the contest! (I will be liking all the … Continue reading Caption It! Contest

Band Photoshoot (the third)

Hello friends! This is always one of my favorite posts to make, and I’m really excited to share these photos with you! I really do feel like these posts get better each year. Here are our performers together! We’re running out of room to fit everyone lol. Cam’s on one of the guitars. He doesn’t really know how to play, but he has fun strumming the two chords Petal taught him. Likewise, Swirl only knows what her sister taught her. Petal on the other hand is a guitar queen! She picked it up a couple years ago at camp and … Continue reading Band Photoshoot (the third)

The Great Stuffie Bakeoff

Hello friends! Today I have a VERY fun post for you all…a bakeoff! With this post, I wanted to go back to my roots and begin with the photos. That’s how I used to to photostories, but now I’ve shifted to mainly writing first. Also, I didn’t edit these photos! Because…they look fairly good and I did NOT feel like editing 70+ photos for today. Enjoy! “Welcome to the Great Stuffie Bakeoff! I’ll be your host, Berry Blueberry!” “Meet our judges, Summer, Treasure, and Starburst! Anything you three have to say?” “I’m really excited to try all the food!” Summer … Continue reading The Great Stuffie Bakeoff