A Few Hints On Camp Happy Heart (Teaser Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week April 2020)

Hello friends! Today, I will be sharing some sneak peeks of Camp Happy Heart! Diamond was going to keep a lot of these a surprise, but I'm Treasure and I do what I want! In case you were wondering, I know a lot of these things because I am a counselor this year! I'm excited.… Continue reading A Few Hints On Camp Happy Heart (Teaser Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week April 2020)

Camp Happy Heart Announcements

Hello friends! I have a few announcements about Camp Happy Heart! Before you read this, make sure to read this post that I posted in January. Since I have a lot to get through today, let's get started! Supply List Ok, so remember how in my Camp Q&A I said I might release a camp… Continue reading Camp Happy Heart Announcements

Assortment of Awesome

I really wasn't planning to make a post today. Even though my posting day is Friday, I was planning to give myself the day off. Hence why this post is slightly later than most of my others. I just have a lot of updates and things to talk about today, so that is why I… Continue reading Assortment of Awesome

Behind the Scenes of Camp Happy Heart + Important Announcements

Hey guys! Now that Camp Happy Heart is officially over, I thought you guys might like to see some behind the scene pictures! Also, even if you don’t care for the behind the scenes, please skip to the end. I have some important announcements! Here’s the cabin setup! It was really difficult for me to… Continue reading Behind the Scenes of Camp Happy Heart + Important Announcements

Teaser Compilation – Secret Summer Project

Ok guys, for today's post, I will just be compiling all the little hints about our secret summer project, along with the guesses. I won't be revealing this just yet, but I will next time! This post is meant to hype you guys up, so try to guess if you can! Any correct guesses will… Continue reading Teaser Compilation – Secret Summer Project


Hello friends! Today, Takeover Week is temporarily canceled for a very special reason. It's the two year anniversary of the day I started this blog! I'm so grateful I did and for all the good blogging has brought to my life. Did I ever think I would still be blogging here two years later with… Continue reading Blogiversary

A New Beginning

Hello friends! (ah, does anyone remember when I used to greet every post like that?) I have some very exciting news to share with you guys. I gave you a hint in my last post (I said the quality of the post was impacted), but did anyone guess? More importantly, did anyone guess correctly? Let's… Continue reading A New Beginning

Some Updates = Possible Return from Hiatus

Hey guys! With things winding down, I think I might be able to return from my hiatus soon! Hopefully I can officially return by Halloween, so I can take care of all my holiday posts. Now, there will be a few changes. I'm not going to be posting as often. I'm quitting the segments I… Continue reading Some Updates = Possible Return from Hiatus


Today, March 4th, marks the first anniversary of Build a Bears Furever. I've learned a lot in a year, and I'm glad that this is the first blog I actually stuck around to celebrate a year. I still have plans to post for a long time, so hopefully there will be a two year blogoversary,… Continue reading Blogoversary!