Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

Hello friends! Camp Happy Heart 2020 is almost over. So, like I did last year, I will do a recap of camp! Prepare for a lot of links. Like, a lot. Anyway, let's relive the best of camp! Craft Round-Up A Brand New Summer (Guest Post by Emmie) DIY Pillow Petal Meets Her Cabinmates ~… Continue reading Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

Tour of Camp

Hello friends! Today I'm going to be taking you on a tour of the campsite. I'm really excited because this year I have a designated space for camp. Last year... I basically threw evertything on my dining room table and it was not good. I was so cluttered when it came time to make a… Continue reading Tour of Camp

Petal Meets Her Cabinmates ~ Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! Last year, you guys said you wanted to see more of life at camp type posts, so this year I am going to be making one every week. I hope you enjoy this one! In today's post, you will get to hear about Petal's arrival at camp. Hello! I'm Petal, and I'm going… Continue reading Petal Meets Her Cabinmates ~ Life at Camp Photostory

DIY Pillow

Hello campers! Today I have a cozy little craft for you to make your cabins more comfortable. That's right, we will be making a pillow! (Heads up, some of these photos are really blurry. I just noticed that, and I apologize.) You will need: Fabric Scissors A Needle and Thread And stuffing You will… Continue reading DIY Pillow

Craft Round-Up ~ Camp Happy Heart 2020

Hey campers! Are you as excited for Camp Happy Heart as I am? I certainly hope so! I'd like to officially welcome you all to camp this year! It will be two months filled with fun! Make sure to check out the page for the photo challenge! Today, I have a craft round up for… Continue reading Craft Round-Up ~ Camp Happy Heart 2020