Wicket’s New Baby

Hello friends! I apologize for not having yesterday's guest post up, but it's not really in my control when the guest poster doesn't send it in. But, anyway, let's move on to today's post! Remember back in February? Wicket announced that Willow was expecting! Anyway, today their baby arrived! https://www.flickr.com/photos/156545003@N07/50030586396/in/dateposted/ Say hello to the new… Continue reading Wicket’s New Baby

Questionnaire with Willow (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2020)

Wicket here! But today isn't about me. It's about the most wonderful woman in the world. Willow is the most wonderful woman and mother in the world-no, in the universe. What can I say about Willow? In honor of Valentine's Day, I want to honor my wife. We're going to answer questions provided by Cloud.… Continue reading Questionnaire with Willow (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2020)

Wicket’s Thanksgiving Traditions (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2019)

Hello, Wicket here! Happy November! I love the month November. It reminds me to share my gratitude. I am grateful for so many things, such as my wife and son. Today, I thought I would write about some of our thanksgiving traditions. Afterwards, you can comment and tell me which ones you like and tell… Continue reading Wicket’s Thanksgiving Traditions (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2019)

Sick Day – Camp Happy Heart 2019

It was a lovely day at Camp Happy Heart. Willow, the camp nurse was diligently sitting in her camper, in case anyone started to feel sick. Swirl sauntered in. “Um, Nurse Willow?” Swirl mumbled. “I don’t feel very well.” Willow pulled out a stool and helped Swirl sit on it. “What seems to be the… Continue reading Sick Day – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Christmas Portraits

For the last post of the twelve days of Christmas, I decided to take pictures of some of the bears in front of the Christmas tree. I think they turned out okay, so here they are!

Christmas Morning

Here are all of the Stone's Christmas presents that Santa brought for them. Cali woke up the instant she realized it was Christmas day. She shook all of her siblings awake. "It's Christmas!" she exclaimed at the top of her lungs. Even though her siblings would usually be angry with her if she were to… Continue reading Christmas Morning

Awards x 4

Hello friends! I was nominated for three different awards recently, so here they are! First, I was nominated for the three day quote challenge by Madison. I have chosen not to do this tag because  it doesn't really fit in my schedule and I'm not really good with quotes, but thank you so much Madison! I… Continue reading Awards x 4