Wicket’s New Baby

Hello friends! I apologize for not having yesterday’s guest post up, but it’s not really in my control when the guest poster doesn’t send it in. But, anyway, let’s move on to today’s post! Remember back in February? Wicket announced that Willow was expecting! Anyway, today their baby arrived! Say hello to the new addition! We don’t currently have a name, so suggestions are welcome! (The new baby is a girl) The new parents would prefer to have a name that starts with W, like Wicket, Willow, or Weston. Have fun naming! Continue reading Wicket’s New Baby

Awards x 4

Hello friends! I was nominated for three different awards recently, so here they are! First, I was nominated for the three day quote challenge by Madison. I have chosen not to do this tag because  it doesn’t really fit in my schedule and I’m not really good with quotes, but thank you so much Madison! I still appreciate the fact that you thought of me! Next, I was nominated for the Blue Sky tag by AGs in Alaska! Thanks! THE RULES: Thank the person that tagged you Answer their 11 questions Tag 11 more people And give them 11 questions to answer … Continue reading Awards x 4

Wicket’s Announcement (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2018)

Here I am – Wicket is my name, and as you know, my wife is Willow. I love her SO MUCH. Love is great. And we have an announcement to make: WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! So, here’s what I thought. What about you guys giving us suggestions for names? Since our names both begin with “W” it could start with “W” but all suggestions are welcome!!! Here’s a start to our list: Happy Day to everyone. All suggestions welcome . Love, Wicket and Willow 😉 Continue reading Wicket’s Announcement (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2018)

Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards April 2018

This will be the final Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards. More info later… Today, we get to acknowledge each of the birthdays over the past two months! Starburst turned nine on March 20th.   Daisy turned eight on March 8th.   Rarity turned 4 on 3/27.   Eden turned three on 4/6.   On 4/7, Teacup turned three as well.   Then, we have the quads! They all turned three on the 24th of April. This one is Chip, for any new readers.   Sandy.   Cherie.   Last, but certainly not least, Cherry.   Then, on the 28th of April, … Continue reading Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards April 2018