The Stones go to Disney World – January edition

Hey guys! Recently we went to Disney World and I took all of the Stones. I took a bunch of pictures, so I will share the pictures I took! Cali helped me figure out what to take. She loves packing. This bridge was pretty cool. We stayed at All Star Sports for a few days. The Stones were super happy to be out of the car. My mom brought Wicket and Willow. They were also happy to be out of the car. We decided to check out the arcade. We’ve never done that before, and we actually bought a card … Continue reading The Stones go to Disney World – January edition

Wicket’s Wedding

Hello friends! Recently, Wicket got what he wanted, and he got a wife! His wedding was on October 7th, and I took a bunch of pictures. The guests are here, it’s going to start soon! Do you like the decor? This was the music for the wedding. There’s the wedding party! Cloud was the ring bear! Cali, the flower girl littered the aisle with flowers. My doggy! Here comes the bride, Willow. Wicket is happy. Chap is anxiously waiting. “You better not mess up my wedding!” Husband and Wife, Wicket and Willow. Stitch caught the grooms flower and Angel caught … Continue reading Wicket’s Wedding