Exploring Grandma’s House

As you know, we recently went on a vacation. While we were on this vacation, the Stone kids decided to explore my grandma’s house! I’m going to share some of the pictures I took with you. (Some of the picture have really bad quality sorry!) First, they all picked a hiding place in my mom’s bedroom. Then, the young bears began to open doors. Of course, they had a little help from a giant. Silly Cali wanted to check out the bathroom. Cloud and Candy decided to play ping pong. I’m not sure what Wicket’s doing there… I think Cali’s trying … Continue reading Exploring Grandma’s House

The Search ~ Happy Birthday to Treasure

It was a very special day. It’s May 26th, which is my Aunt Treasure’s birthday. My brother Cloud and I wanted to get the perfect present for her. We gathered to decide what to get her. After what seemed like hours of deliberation, we couldn’t agree on the perfect present for Treasure. All our ideas were too expensive, didn’t exist, or Treasure wouldn’t like. We eventually decided to search around the house for some ideas. We agreed to meet back in fifteen minutes.   *fifteen minutes later* “OK, I gathered six items,” I announced. “Me too,” Cloud replied. We decided … Continue reading The Search ~ Happy Birthday to Treasure