Friends of the Blog – Button Swap

Here are some of my absolute favorite blogs! If you want to swap, let me know! (These are of course in no particular order.)

Our Button

This is our old button. If you want to leave this one on your page, feel free. I just decided to update it because I realized two years after I switched from blogspot that this one still said blogspot. Haha,

It may take me a while to update this page, but feel free to ask to swap!


62 thoughts on “Friends of the Blog – Button Swap

  1. Hello! Can we swap buttons? I’ve never done this before, so do I need to send you the button, or are you going to get it off my blog? Merry Christmas!


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    1. Thank you for asking! Unfortunately, I’ve quit swapping buttons with others. I just don’t have a ton of time for blogging lately and I haven’t been able to keep up with buttons. But I do plan to refresh my pages in the future and I’ll try to add your button when I do. =)


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