Aftershock S3 Episode 1

Guys…guys, It’s here! That’s right, I’m not kidding this time. The season three premiere of Aftershock is available for your entertainment RIGHT NOW! I know I promised to get this series up in January, and then I said I’d get it done in August…well, that just didn’t happen. Anyway, there’s no use regretting the past, so let’s just get into the first episode of season three! This will be the last season of Aftershock. I hope you all find that it was worth the wait! Here’s a link to the last episode, in case you need a refresher. When I … Continue reading Aftershock S3 Episode 1

Skipping Stones Episode 8 “Girls Night and Candy’s Delight”

Hello friends! I hope you’re all having a lovely Friday. I’ve spent the majority of the day preparing this post for you all, so I hope you enjoy! I will be introducing a new bear, so keep an eye out for her! Periwinkle puts on a nice dress. She’s going out tonight, for the first time in a long time. Being a mom of seven, she doesn’t normally get very much time to herself. Tonight, however, tonight is girls’ night. Her sisters and friends are going to drop their kids off at her house. These women have been looking forward … Continue reading Skipping Stones Episode 8 “Girls Night and Candy’s Delight”

Back to School Portraits 2022

Hello friends! Can you believe the 2022 school year is already in full swing? I can’t! Anyway, the school-aged Build-A-Bears got together to take school photos. I always love doing this traditional post. I hope you like seeing these pictures! Here’s a picture of the whole group. We have quite a big group this year! Our only tenth grader in the bunch, Gisselle. The sixth grade class looks very similar to last year’s class. I think that the fifth grade is the largest. Azura is a new addition this year! Our fourth grade. Finally, our third grade class. Alright, now … Continue reading Back to School Portraits 2022

Self-Care With Cora {Back to School Edition}

Hello friends! Cora is here today to give you some self-care tips. Enjoy! Hey guys! It’s me, Cora, your favorite positivity influencer! As Diamond mentioned, I will be sharing some of my favorite self-care tips for the back-to-school season. The first one is pretty simple, but a lot of people forget. Drink water! It’s hard to find an exact amount, and it does seem to differ from person to person, but from my quick Google search, it seems that you should aim to drink at least 8 cups of water per day. Do you normally drink that much? If so, … Continue reading Self-Care With Cora {Back to School Edition}

Back to School Photoshoot with Azura + We’re Back!

Hello friends! I’m happy to announce that we’re officially back from our hiatus! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to just yet, but I felt inspired to make a few back-to-school posts. I don’t know if I’ll be up to posting every week yet, but I’ll try too! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this photoshoot of Azura! I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase one of our newer bears. Azura is a little tired after a long day at school. She’s at a new school this year, so it’s been a little hard for her to make friends. … Continue reading Back to School Photoshoot with Azura + We’re Back!

Camp Happy Heart 2022 Recap

Hello friends! Today marks the final day of our fourth year of Camp Happy Heart! This year didn’t go quite like I’d planned or anticipated, but I’m glad I finished this camp. Hopefully, next year will be better, but as for now, let’s focus on the good parts from this year! Week 1 – Welcome to Camp Checking In || Kicking off Camp Happy Heart 2022 DIY Weekly Schedule Board CHH Bingo Summertime Self-Care with Cora DIY Picnic Table Week 2 – Maggie’s Week fun boredom busters with janet! piña colada popsicles with chad! angie’s art class: meet the students! … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart 2022 Recap

Skipping Stones Episode 7 “Badges and Brawls”

Hello friends! Can you believe Camp Happy Heart is almost over? I can’t…but I’m glad! I need a break… Anyway, I was planning to make this post a few weeks ago but I kept putting it off. This morning, I realized I can’t wait any longer! So here it is…though it is a little rushed. I hope you enjoy nonetheless. “Excuse me, Counselor Peri,” Oswald says in a small voice. “I painted this. Can I get my ‘creative’ badge now?” Counselor Peri admires the painting. “Yes, of course! This is an incredible piece of art.” Chip isn’t usually the sort … Continue reading Skipping Stones Episode 7 “Badges and Brawls”

Photo Contest Winners

Hello friends! Are you ready to see the winners of our photo contest? First up we have… Maggie! This is an adorable photo that features Maggie’s squishmallow friends enjoying a yummy summer treat…popsicles! I love the vibrant colors. Our other winner is… AdventuresofAGDolls! In this photo, Bella and Forest are having a fun campout. I love all the props, especially the toasted marshmallow! I hope you liked seeing these awesome photos! Continue reading Photo Contest Winners

Chatting About Blogging & Life + Announcements {REBLOG}

Hello friends! I realized that I hadn’t done a post today, and I thought I’d reblog the post from my other blog. Essentially, I will be taking a hiatus after camp! Hey guys. In today’s post, I’m going to be addressing some things that have been going on lately as well as sharing some of my plans for the future … Chatting About Blogging & Life + Announcements Continue reading Chatting About Blogging & Life + Announcements {REBLOG}

BAB Band Photoshoot || A Camp Tradition

Hello friends! Today it’s time for one of my favorite posts of CHH…the band photoshoot! The bears all enjoy this event. Here’s a shot of the whole band. These are the vocalists, Cali, Waffle, Rudy, and Claire. The strings section consists of Cam, Oswald, Swirl, Petal, and Sparkles. The winds section is Tye, Cherry, Azura, Cloud, and Candy. Finally, we have Mischief, Sandy, Stella, and Gracie on percussion. We’ve got to thank our lovely conductor…Chip! Chip holds the whole band together! Backstage, Theo and Cherie are making sure things run smoothly. Let’s give a big hand to the band! They … Continue reading BAB Band Photoshoot || A Camp Tradition