Christmas Caroling with Cam

Hello friends! I realize I’ve never really done much for the BAB’s birthdays on here. It’s just overwhelming. Anyway, Cam and Stella’s “birthday” is on Christmas, but let’s just say that Cam’s birthday is today, just for fun. Wanna see how he celebrates his birthday? “Are you ready to go?” Stella asks. Cam nods. It’s his birthday, but he doesn’t want a big celebration this year. Instead, he wants to spread Christmas cheer with his friends. Cam and Stella are going Christmas caroling! The first family is their next-door neighbors…the Stones! Hark! the herald angels singGlory to the newborn KingPeace … Continue reading Christmas Caroling with Cam

Happy Birthday, Brownie!

Hello friends! Today is August 22nd, 2021. It’s a Sunday. 13 years ago, it was a Friday. I remember this day vividly. I was young, but it was an important day for me. I remember it was a Friday because Friday was “Field Trip Friday.” We were going to go to the zoo and I was SO excited. But it rained. And I was upset, as most little kids would be. I wanted to go to the zoo. My mom decided to take me to Build a Bear instead of the zoo. I’d been many times, but we’d never actually … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Brownie!

Tye’s Super Special Secret Surprise Party

Hello friends! Did you like yesterday’s post? I hope so, because today is sort of a continuation! All the preparations had paid off. The campers were now eagerly awaiting Tye’s arrival to the party area. Tye slowly walked in, following his cabinmates. “This is for me?” he gasped. Seeing how his birthday was last week, he hadn’t been expecting a party. “Happy birthday!” The bears said in unison. “We have a present for you,” Chip grinned. “We have games too,” Swirl added. “Here’s the refreshments!” Cam shouted. Candy waved her arms, “We’re going to be providing the music!” Tye wandered … Continue reading Tye’s Super Special Secret Surprise Party

Prepping For a Surprise ~ Life at Camp

Hello friends! I’ve got a cool post for you today, so enjoy! Just before the campers at Camp Happy Heart awoke, the counselors held a meeting. They did this every morning to plan out the daily events and discuss the needs of the campers. Counselor Peri had a very important announcement. One of her campers had a birthday, and no one knew! The counselors knew there had to be something they could do to make it up to him. A plan was made, and tasks were assigned. “Cloud, we’re going to plan a surprise party for Tye today. Try to … Continue reading Prepping For a Surprise ~ Life at Camp

Zoom Birthday Party ~ Collab with PottahWand

Hello, hello friends! Today, you’re in for a special birthday celebration. Featuring the one and only, PottahWand! Enjoy this little story told from Cali’s perspective. “Candy! Do you even know what you’re doing?” Sandy scoffed. “Almost…” A connection was made as a close up of a bear appeared on the screen. She backed away, and joined Oliver. “Happy Birthday!” the two greeted in unison. “We’ve got something very special for you.” “Hi!” I greeted, a little confused. My birthday wasn’t until the 14th. “Wait, what is it? It’s no one’s birthday today, is it?” Had I forgotten someone’s birthday? “Well, … Continue reading Zoom Birthday Party ~ Collab with PottahWand

Brownie’s Birthday Surprise ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Brownie

Hello friends! Today, I have a very special BABAD for you all. It’s featuring my first ever Build a Bear, Brownie! Also, before I show you the post, I have some exciting news. Remember this post? Yeah, well now there is officially a BAB house! I’m really excited about it, and I can’t wait to make new posts in it. There will definitely be a tour of it, though it will probably end up being in September. Anyway, that’s just to say that this is the first post to take place in the new house, so please let me know … Continue reading Brownie’s Birthday Surprise ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Brownie

What-We-Did-For-Twilight’s-Birthday Wednesday

Hey. I know it’s a bit later than our typical posts. Do I look like I care? I’m Twilight. Without me, there wouldn’t even be a blog. Anyway, my birthday was on Saturday. I’m going to tell you about it now. I woke up to my family cheering for me. I normally would have been incredibly annoyed by this, but it was my birthday after all. I was pretty glad that everyone remembered. Berry made me pancakes. She dyed them purple and I quite enjoyed them. Then, we played some games together. I won at all of them, naturally. We … Continue reading What-We-Did-For-Twilight’s-Birthday Wednesday

the original ~ a brownie photoshoot

*Posting today because it’s Brownie’s birthday!* I’ve been feeling like I need to share more of my Build a Bears and Brownie definitely deserves more attention than she’s been getting. She was the start of it all, the very first Build a Bear, the original. I’m giving my original Build a Bear her very own photo shoot that she deserves. Here are the photos! This shirt was purchased the same day as Brownie, nearly ten years ago. Brownie will always have a special place in my heart, as the very first Build a Bear I’ve ever received. I often find … Continue reading the original ~ a brownie photoshoot

Twilight’s Wishlist (Thursday’s Twilight ~ BAB Takeover Week June 2018)

Hello all! It’s me again, Twilight! Since my birthday is next month, I’m going to be sharing a wishlist! This won’t be comprehensive, but it will be enough stuff for my birthday. Let’s begin. Iphone X I totally need my own phone right? I mean, what stuffed pony doesn’t? A Case for my phone Because you always need a diamond necklace. Some nice expensive shoes. I want the most expensive laptop obviously. That should be enough for my birthday, but don’t think that’s all I ever want. Some say I’m spoiled, but I don’t know what their talking about. Bye! Continue reading Twilight’s Wishlist (Thursday’s Twilight ~ BAB Takeover Week June 2018)