Family is a Feeling ~ An Introductory Photostory

Hey guys! Today, I finally get to introduce Cam and Stella! I hope you enjoy this photostory, told from Stella’s perspective.

Also, if you’re new to the blog, this is a great way to meet the Stones!


“Tap, tap,” I knocked at the door of our new neighbors.

“Come on! That’s not how you knock,” Cam teased as he proceeded to pound on the door.

“Ugh!” I replied. “Our new neighbors aren’t going to like us because of how annoying you are.”

Cam laughed. “If the neighbors don’t like us, it’s just because of how weird you are. Besides, they aren’t even ‘new’ neighbors.”


I sighed. Cam had a point. Our neighbors had moved in back in September. But, with the pandemic, and the holidays, and our travels, we were just now getting around to say hello.

“Well, I’m not the weird one,” I retorted. “I bet you five dollars that you’ll show off how many push-ups you can do before we leave.”

“And I bet you five dollars that you’ll be naming all the stars in Orion’s belt before we leave,”


Before we’d settled on a satisfactory bet, a small blue bear opened the door.

“Mommy!” he called. “There are some strangers at the door!”

A pastel older bear joined the young bear. I could tell she was a mother because of her kind eyes and caring disposition, just in the brief time I’d been around her.


“Oh, hello!” she greeted us warmly.

“We’re your new neighbors!” Cam and I said in unison.

I cringed. “What I meant was that we saw you moved in recently. We aren’t the new neighbors, you are. I mean,”

I could be so articulate when I spoke sometimes. But when it came to meeting someone new, put simply, I was terrible.

“What my sister means to say, is we live next door,” Cam explained.

I glared at him. He never had issues talking to people.

“Oh!” the woman replied. “That’s lovely! You two will get along well with my children I’m sure. Most people laugh when I tell them this, but I have seven.”

My jaw dropped and I instantly felt pity for those kids. I couldn’t imagine having to live with six of Cam.

“The more the merrier!” Cam excitedly replied.

“Oh, do come in!” our neighbor invited. “We have to make introductions. And what are those?”


I held out the plate of cookies I’d baked earlier that day.

“We made you cookies,” I mumbled.

She tenderly removed the platter from my hands.


“Kids! Come to the living room!” she called. Only one other tan bear entered the room.

“I have cookies,” she added. Then, the additional five kids came barreling into the room.


“Oh great!” she smiled. “You can meet our new neighbors and then have some cookies.”

She ordered the kids to line up and began to announce their names.


“I’m Periwinkle Stone, but most everyone calls me Mommy. This is my oldest, Chip.”

A tall brown bear with a deep voice replied, “Hi. I like nature and stuff.”

Next, the tan bear who’d initially come into the room introduced herself. “My name is Sandy, and I like arts and crafts.”

She seemed very sure of herself, and almost a little smug.


“We’re Cherry and Cherie!” sang the two bears who I could barely tell the difference between. “We’re twins!”


“Do you have any money? Or presents?” the next bear asked.

Periwinkle shook her head. “That’s Candy for you.”

The blue bear who’d answered the door went next. “I’m Darth Mohawk,” he ominously announced.

I perked up. “You like Star Wars too?”

“Are you kidding?” he asked. “I love Star Wars!”

I smiled. I loved anything that took place in space. I could feel that this kid and I would get along.

“Oh, and my real name is Cloud. Not Darth Mohawk,” he corrected. “Though Darth Mohawk would be much cooler.”

Finally, the smallest child ran over to us.

“Hi!” she chirped. “I’m Cali!”

“Hello,” Cam replied.

The seven Stone children ran over to my plate of cookies.

“Wait!” Mommy Stone reprimanded. “We haven’t learned our new friends’ names.”


That was my cue. “I’m Stella. It’s a good thing my mom named me Stella, because I love the stars and everything to do with space,” I explained.

That was such a dumb way to introduce myself. I should have said, “My name, Stella, fits me well. I can name every star in the major constellations,” or something. Anything would have been better than what I’d said.

“My name is Cam,” my brother energetically greeted. “I’m going to join the army someday.”


“It’s wonderful to meet you two Cam and Stella,” Mommy Stone warmly replied. “Now, you may all have a cookie. But don’t spoil your dinner! I’m making tacos.”

“Mommy’s tacos are the best!” Cali raved.

“You two are welcome to stay and have dinner with us,” Mommy Stone invited.


I glanced over at Cam. What was I worried about? This woman was practically ready to adopt us after one meeting. Maybe our first impression wasn’t detrimental to this newfound relationship.

Reading my expression, Cam replied, “We’d love to stay.”

I smiled. I was shocked at how welcoming the Stone family was. A warm feeling erupted from me and I could already tell that this family was going to become like family to me.

Welcome Cam and Stella!


You’ll get to see more of these two this month. The next two BABADs will be about them. Keep an eye out on Sunday for Cam’s BABAD!

16 thoughts on “Family is a Feeling ~ An Introductory Photostory

  1. Aww this was such a nice story! Cherry and Cherie are the cutest things ever 😀 ❤
    Woo can I ever relate to Stella. I'll enter social settings with an idea of what I want to say to people, then it comes out differently than I'd planned!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I’m going to like Stella a lot – she sounds very like me, lol. Cam’s great too, but oh my, he seems VERY extroverted!
    Anyways, this was a great way to introduce the new bears, Diamond. I’m looking forward to seeing them around here more in the future.

    Liked by 2 people

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