That’s What Christmas is All About ~ Collab with Liz

Hello friends!

The calendar…it keeps changing days on me. Christmas is in…less than five days? That doesn’t seem right. How about…Christmas is in 369 days. There we go! That sounds a lot better.

Anyway, for today’s post, I’m collaborating with a really awesome blogger named Liz

…you may have heard of her. (And if not…I just want to um…talk) She’s super sweet and sarcastic. Her posts crack me up. Currently, she’s hosting Above the Snow(her version of Blogmas) Check it out!

Anyway, she wrote today’s post and I added the photos. I think it turned out really cool!


“WHAT?!” I shrieked. 

Now, I don’t normally shriek, not something I’m a fan of… but this?

This was too much.

Oh, you’re confused.

Right, sorry. I’ll catch you up.


I had just gotten home from Christmas caroling with my friends. Not that I wanted to go, but they kinda forced me. It turned out to be an amazing time, until I arrived at home. 

Having no key, I knocked on the door.


Cloud answered it and refused to let me in.


There I was, freezing in the cold winter wind, exhausted after a long day, and my brother wouldn’t even open the door.


I quickly pulled out my phone, threatening to call mom. That did it, and I felt the rush of heat as I stepped through the door.


My hand felt the cool bracelet I had bought at the store after caroling.


Mommy is going to love this gift!! I thought, a smile lit up my face, imagining her reaction.


“Can everyone come here please,” Mommy shouted. “I need to talk to you all.”


I rushed to my room, hiding the bracelet under my bed.


I then rushed right back out to find all my siblings already sitting on the couch.


“Good, now that everyone’s here, I’d like to let you know something. I’ve been struggling with this decision for weeks, but I think it’s best.”

What in the world is she talking about?


My siblings’ faces seemed to echo my thoughts. 


Mommy smiled, a little sadly I think, at all of us. “I’m not going to give you kids gifts this year.”


“WHAT?!” I shrieked. 

Oh look, we’ve made our way back to the beginning. What happens next? I’m still waiting for that. Mommy is looking at me trying to find the right words to explain this horrible reality she has put us in.


“Wait, before you freak out,” Mommy says.

A little late for that.


“I have a reason. You have always been so focused on what you’re getting, you need to all realize the real meaning of Christmas. Yes, gifts are nice, but you have all been consumed by your love of them.” Mom looked directly at me. “I know this is shocking. Please try to understand, I want nothing for you all, but the best.” 


Readers, I ask you a question, should I be mature?

The most probable answer you’re giving me is, yes.

Of course, I just got the news I’m not getting Christmas gifts.

Will I take the answer yes? No, I will not.


Tears begin to fill my eyes.

“You can’t do this to us.” I moan. I glance at my siblings for backup.


Smiles are beginning to crack on their faces.

Hold up.



Suddenly they burst out laughing. Even Mommy’s features contort into a smile.

I am so confused.


No gifts equals laughs?? What is wrong with my siblings…?


Mommy must see my confused face, because she begins to explain.

“Candy, we know how much you love gifts, but your siblings and I wanted to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus’ birth, that way He could die and rise again to defeat sin and death forever.”


She comes over to hug me.

I wipe my eyes. “This is ridiculous. I uh- I was only playing along.” 

Everyone just laughs harder. 


“Please,” Chip squeezes out, “you couldn’t live without presents.”


My face begins to frown, but immediately is lifted into a laugh.

My family sure knows how to teach a lesson.

Wasn’t that fantastic? I also wrote a story for Liz’s blog, you can check it out here!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow!

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