Roughin’ It ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Chip


Hello friends! I’m Chip, and I’m going to be telling you all about my overnight in the tent.


I was so excited for a night of camping! Now, I know a lot of you are probably thinking, ‘hasn’t Chip been at camp all summer?’

Well, I don’t consider that camping. Sleeping on a mattress? Air conditioning? Nah, those cabins are just a really cheap hotel. This, is camping.


As you can see, the only things I have in the tent are a sleeping bag and a pillow. I debated on whether to use the pillow because it’s too comfortable, but eventually my mom told me I had to use it.


Since I had a long day hiking, I should fall asleep very quickly.


Goodnight everyone.


Good morning! I usually awake refreshed once the sunlight streams in through my tent. My back is just a little achy from the rocks.


Then I’ll step outside my tent and enjoy the beauty of nature.


I love camping.


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