Skipping Stones Episode 7 “Badges and Brawls”

Hello friends! Can you believe Camp Happy Heart is almost over? I can’t…but I’m glad! I need a break…

Anyway, I was planning to make this post a few weeks ago but I kept putting it off. This morning, I realized I can’t wait any longer! So here it is…though it is a little rushed. I hope you enjoy nonetheless.


“Excuse me, Counselor Peri,” Oswald says in a small voice. “I painted this. Can I get my ‘creative’ badge now?”


Counselor Peri admires the painting. “Yes, of course! This is an incredible piece of art.”


Chip isn’t usually the sort of bear to eavesdrop, but the mention of badges draws him in. He isn’t quite sure how to interject himself into the conversation, but he does it anyway. “Badges?”


“I’ve been wanting us to have badges at camp for years! So many years!”


Counselor Peri grins as she gives her reply. “It’s a new thing we’re doing this week. We’re giving out badges for various qualities that campers display. There are badges for athleticism, creativity, good behavior, waking up early, and so much more! Whoever gets all the badges first gets a special prize.”


Chip perks up. “Are a lot of the badges nature-related?”


Counselor Peri nods. “There’s a lot you’d love. Check out this pamphlet.”

Chip receives a sheet of paper with a list of all the badges. He smirks as he sees that all of these look easy to him. An idea strikes him.


“I’m going to get all these badges and win that prize. I don’t even care about the prize that much. But I want all the badges!”

Chip’s Badge Earning Montage


“Okay, I’ve got all but one of my badges. Do I have more than the other campers?” Chip asks Counselor Peri.


Peri looks over her clipboard. “Almost,” she comments. “Cam has just as many badges as you.”


“Dang it! Why does Cam have to mess everything up?”


Chip realizes that maybe he does want that prize.

“Do I hear my name?” Cam enters on his cue. “I’m quite the popular bear. What do you need from me now?”


Chip rolls his eyes. “Yeah, I need to beat you at getting all the badges.”

Cam smirks.


“I have all but one badge, and I’m the most competitive bear I know…Chip doesn’t stand a chance.”


“Cam doesn’t stand a chance.”


Chip looks at his list of badges. The only one left is the ‘friendliness’ badge.


“Dang, I was hoping I didn’t have to do that one! Er, that sounds kinda bad. I mean like, I’m not the most social bear.”


Chip stares longingly at the ground. Will he have to settle for second place? Will he really not get the coveted prize?


“Actually, I have an idea!”


This is a special breaking news report during your commercial break. This just in…there will be no posts on BABF within the month of August. We say that we are tired and need a break. I’m your reporter, Candy Stone, and you heard it from me. BABF hiatus in August! Now we’ll return to your regularly scheduled program.


“Hey Cam,” Chip asks innocently. “Have you been enjoying getting your badges?”


Cam nods, but he isn’t without a note of disappointment. “Yeah. I just need one more.”


Chip notes Cam’s lack of enthusiasm. “Which one is that?”


“The ‘good sportsmanship’ one,” Cam sighs. “It’s not my fault I’m competitive! Anyway, at least I’m still tied with you. So I’m still technically winning!”


“Not for long!”


Chip smirks. “Oh Counselor Peri! I had a conversation with Cam…does that mean I get my ‘friendliness’ badge?”




Counselor Peri walks over, badge in hand. “Yes, it does. And I suppose that makes you the second competitor to finish getting all of the badges.”


She pastes the badge to Chip’s sash.


Chip raises an eyebrow at her. “Second? I thought Cam and I were tied with the most badges. Who won?”


“You were tied. But there was another camper with almost as many badges as you two, and he managed to earn two since Cam and you started talking.” 


Cam overhears the conversation and decides to interject. “What?! Someone beat me?!”


“Yes, that’s what I was explaining to Chip,” Counselor Peri replies.

“Well, who?” he asks, fists shaking in fury.


A new face enters the conversation. “Me!” 


“I don’t even want the stupid prize. I just wanted to see the looks on their faces when I won!”


“Mischief won, fair and square. His reward will be a large bag of candy,” Counselor Peri explains.


“I can’t believe I lost to Mischief!”


“This is a total outrage! I demand a rematch!”


“I won, and I get candy? I’m going to eat the whole bag tonight before camp ends. It’s going to be so fun! I’ll pull an all-nighter…oh won’t the counselors just love me? But I won!”

I hope you liked this sitcom! Again, I apologize if this is a bit rushed. I have…about a minute before y’all see this, so again, hope you like!

9 thoughts on “Skipping Stones Episode 7 “Badges and Brawls”

  1. Aw haha! I totally wasn’t expecting Mischief to win! I thought this was written beautifully, Diamond!
    Sorry to hear about the hiatus. But I’m glad you’re taking a break – you’ve been working way too much! Can’t wait for all the post-hiatus posts! >3

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