The Stone Family Tree + Introduction of Groups

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of Build a Bears on this blog. Having so many can make things confusing. I couldn’t imagine taking some of the Build a Bears off the blog permanently(even though I use some more than others, I have fond memories with each and every one of them). It’s hard to narrow down which bears to use as well. I was also informed recently that I’ve never really explained the Stone’s family dynamic. So, I’ve come up with a solution. I wil be separating my Build a Bears into groups.

Today, I will list those groups(along with who’s in them) and then focus on the Stones. I will explain a bit about each member in that group. Since I won’t be including many pictures in this post, you may want to check out, or just search for their name in the search bar. Also, I believe that the Stones will be the main group I blog about. However, just because a bear is in one group does not mean they will never interact with a bear from a different group. Got that? OK, let’s take a look at the different groups now.

There are a total of six groups. Some of the Build a Bears could belong to two groups, so I just chose the one that fit them best. The first group I will be discussing is the Ponies.

The Ponies are basically the My Little Ponies that Build a Bear put out. This group consists of Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle(she will probably be featured more than the others), Spike, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity, Apple Jack, Cadance, Shining Armor, and Apple Blossom.

Then, we have the seasonal group. These will probably be mainly featured around their holiday. These four BABs are: Holly, Hal, Daisy, and Eden.

My Disney group probably won’t be featured much, but maybe every once in a while. This group has Stitch, Angel, Isabel, Baymax, Rey, and Kylo.

I love my Palace Pets, and because of their fun personalities, they will probably be featured almost as much as the Stones. This group has Pumpkin, Treasure, Summer, Tecaup, Berry, and Dreamy.

Then, we have the group of dogs. Brownie, Cinnamon, Snuggly, Velvety, Patrioticy, Goldie, Golden, and Jingles.

Finally, we have the Stones. As previously mentioned, this is the main group. There are two sub-groups within this group too. For the kids, we have Swirl, Chip, Sandy, Cherie, Cherry, Gracie, Candy, Rudy, Claire, Cloud, Petal, Cali, Weston, Mischief, and Sparkles. The adults are: Starburst, Lil Choc, Bella, Cokie, Peri, Rudolph, Clarice, Emma, Wicket, and Willow. Is that a little confusing? Okay, I made a family tree to keep things simple.

Periwinkle and Lil Choc are basically the glue that keeps the family together. Their families were friends before they married, but since the two have married, their two families have practically combined. They are truly one big happy family. (Also, Periwinkle’s maiden name is Carmel) So Periwinkle(A full-time mom) and Lil Choc(a lawyer) had seven kids. The quads who are about 8-9(one year in human years are three in bear years according to them), Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry. Then, they had three more kids. 7-year-old Candy, Cloud, who is almost six, and the baby, five year old Cali. The Stone house is very large and often serves as a meeting place for the families.

On Lil Choc’s side of the family(the Stone side) he has three siblings. Wicket, Cokie, and Rudolph.(Wicket and Rudolph were of course adopted). Wicket(a pilot) married Willow and together they had Weston. Cokie, the nurse remains unmarried. Rudolph became a neurologist and married Clarice. They had twins, Rudy and Claire.

Over on Peri’s side, there are more kids. Peri had two sisters(Bella and Emma) and Starburst was also adopted into her family. None of Peri’s sisters are married, but they did adopt a couple kids. Starburst, who works for an online school, lives in a tiny house with her two adoptive daughters, Swirl and Petal.

Bella, a nurse practioner, recently adopted Mischief(A very mischievious bear, I’ll have to have photostories with his crazy personality) and Sparkles.
So, there we have the groups and a bit about the Stone’s family. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any. I hope to make things easier for my readers. Previously I mainly blogged just for the heck of it, but now that people have actually started reading this blog(thank you guys so much!), I needed to clear some things up.

So any questions? Which Build a Bears would you like to see more of?

14 thoughts on “The Stone Family Tree + Introduction of Groups

  1. Thanks I’m less confused now, and wow that is a lot of bears in one family.

    But I guess I should be use to a lot of family, right now I have three little siblings hovering over my shoulder.

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