Back to School Portraits

It’s that time of year again, back to school! I know most everyone is back in school already, but I wanted to post this after Camp, so here it is! Back to school pictures! There ended up being a lot, so buckle up!

Last year I did school portraits as part of BAB Takeover week(which I plan to be continuing in November!), and since I really liked making it, I decided to do it again this year. I hope you enjoy!

Here’s the whole crew. I also kind of restructured the grades from last year, so not everyone is moving up just one grade. Pretend like they’ve always been in the same age group.

Here are the lil’ 1st graders! Aren’t they adorable?

The 2nd graders.

3rd grade.

Finally, 4th grade.

I really feel like some of them could be a bit older than 1st-4th grade age, but I kind of want them to remain childlike. 4th grade is still pretty young, but you can also be mature. I’ll probably keep them in the same grades in the future.

Sandy looks cute in blue.

I have found a new way to take pictures during camp! I tape Christmas Lights up to the wall, and put a bandana over them. What do you guys think? Does it turn out well?

I wrote on the signs as if the kids wrote on them. That’s why they all look different.

Petal seems to have developed a taste in music over the summer.

I also picked out bandanas that matched their outfits for each one.

Also, heads up, I won’t be captioning all of these.

Chip misses camp. He would much rather get to take nature hikes every day, than go to school.

Ok, this background didn’t really go with Chip’s outfit, but Chip had to have the camo background.

Gracie is excited to pick out her own outfit for each day of school.

Cherie is excited to learn cursive in third grade!

Cherry definitely isn’t looking forward to doing homework.

Swirl is just glad to be in the same class as Cherry. She really wants to poke fun together.

Sparkles doesn’t need glasses, but they do look adorable on her.

What do you guys think? Should I let one of the kids need glasses?

It’s a little difficult to photograph Rudy and Claire because of how small they are.

Rudy can’t wait to learn new math problems.

Claire’s just glad to be home from camp.

I kind of like Claire’s dress. See, it’s also hard to dress Rudy and Claire.

Candy claims she isn’t looking forward to any part of school.

Cali doesn’t like school all that much, but she also says she can’t pick a favorite subject because she loves them all so much. Hm.

Cloud’s outfit looks really good today!

Cloud is looking forward to being in the same class as his best friend, Mischief. I wonder what trouble they’ll get into.

Mischief really wants to learn chemistry, but he’s a bit too immature for that.

Well? What did you guys think?

Should I do school photos next year? Do you like my strategy for photos? Should one of the kids need glasses? What’s your favorite subject in school?


It has been brought to my attention that today is National Teddy Bear Day! I love my Teddy Bears, and I just so happened to have gotten a new one a couple weeks ago!

Disney and Pixar Toy Story 4 Bear, , hi-res
Not my picture….

Meet Andy! I look forward to incorporating him(and Carol) into my posts now that Camp is over!

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