5 Things to Give for Christmas and 5 Things Not to Give (Fa-la-la Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week 2019)

Heyzies friends! It’s me, Summer, and I’ll be sharing 5 gift ideas and 5 things not to give. These are really just what I would and wouldn’t give to my friends, but you and your friends have different opinions. Shall we get started?

First, don’t forget our wonderful ideas from earlier this week! My stuffie friends are so smart. Anyway, I’m going to start with what I like to give my friends.

A Simple Accessory

This means some sort of hat, scarf, or socks. Something that looks cute, but can easily be something that anyone can use.

A Friendship Necklace

Or, some sort of friendship bracelet, or keychain, or anything else you can think of!

Lotions and Perfumes

Lotions and perfumes are great, because even if your friend already has some, they get used up.

A Book or Movie

This could be a really great gift. However, it could be hard to know if your friend has it or not, so be careful with this one.

A Treat

Anything edible is wonderful! Especially if it tastes great.

So, now I’ll be sharing 5 things that I wouldn’t give to one of my friends as a gift. It might be different for you and your friends.


Clothes can be difficult, as you may not know your friend’s size or style.


This is the same logic as clothes.


This isn’t talking about gift cards though! Money can be a good gift, but I think an actual gift(or gift card) adds a more personal touch.

Anything Too Expensive

Even if someone is your very best friend, you don’t want to spend your life savings on them! They will definitely understand if you only get them something small.

Random, Meaningless Objects

I generally stay away from random Knick-knacks for gifts. They usually get thrown out, and I’d much rather get my friend something they’d use.

Well, that’s what I would and wouldn’t give to my friends. What about you? What would you give to your friends? What wouldn’t you?


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