The Secret Life of a Toy ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Andy


“She’s gone!” Bella called.


I instantly hop up. You see, us Build a Bears are actually alive! I bet you didn’t know that. See, if anyone sees us they’d freak out. So, we have to keep our lives a secret.

Anyway, Bella just announced that Diamond has left her room for the day. This means it is time for us to go about our business. I’m going to let you all in on my secret and take you guys along as I go about my day. Haven’t you always wanted to know the secret life of a Build a Bear?


I spot Diamond’s phone on her bed. She’ll probably come to get it after breakfast, so I’d better go ahead and use it if I want to.


Today I watched a movie. Luckily, Diamond hasn’t come back yet, so I was able to watch the whole movie.


Okay, so now I’m going to sneak a little bit of candy. We normally try to only do things that Diamond could never find out about, but she probably wouldn’t notice a few pieces of candy missing…


Sometimes, I chat with the other bears. Today, I’m chatting with Lil Choc. He’s going to be in the next episode of Aftershock, which I play one of the main characters.


Today, I need to work on the blog. All of us BABs take a little bit of the blogging work, and today I decided to work on my part.


I like to read, so I’m also getting some reading done. That’s one thing that a lot of us BABs do during the day. It’s a really good way to pass the time.

Well, that just about wraps up my day. I hope you enjoyed this post! Also, Summer and Dreamy are doing a Q&A! Please ask them any questions you have about friendship, or just about themselves in general! Make sure to ask them by April 30th though!


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