Sandy’s Back-to-School Day In The Life (Wonderful Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week September 2020)

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday. To fit with the Back-to-School theme, I will be showing you all a typical day in my life! I recently started 5th grade. Also, I’ve been homeschooled even since before the pandemic.(That’s how we bears do it!) Though, there are some things that have still changed. I hope you enjoy coming along with me as I go about my day!

Also, these pictures are all in our new house! A tour is coming soon I promise, but I think it looks really, really great, and I’m so happy to live here.



I normally wake up around 7:30. Not too early, but I still have enough time to get ready and eat a quick breakfast before school starts.



We begin school at eight. We probably would start earlier, but my cousins Mischief and Sparkles usually spend the day with us. Their mom, my Aunt Bella, works as a nurse practioner, so she can’t teach them. Anyway, after they get here, we begin school. Sometimes we alternate the order of what we do, but today we start with History. Mommy also gives us Geography quizzes. I like History, because Mommy usually just reads to us from a history textbook.



Chip and I go into the kitchen to do math. The rest of our siblings are on a lesser grade level when it comes to math, so Mommy teaches them in the living room. Chip and I just have lessons on the computer. Today we went over the coordinate plane.



Now it’s time for English! Mommy gives us all the same lesson, but she gives us assignments suited to our grade level. Today we went over prepositions.



After English, Mommy lets us have some time to read. We get to choose whatever we read. So, as you can see, my sister Cherry isn’t actually reading. She’s just spending the time standing on her head. This is normal.



Anyway, now it’s time for us to do our English assignments! I have to write a paper using at least 10 prepositions. Sparkles over there has to write a definition for 5 prepositions. I don’t miss 4th grade.



At this point in the day, we get a break from school. We would typically go to a park or something, but that doesn’t really happen anymore. Anyway, today Mommy teaches us some stretching.



After recess, it’s time to eat lunch. Sparkles and I decided to sit together today. We had sandwiches.



Immediately after lunch, we stuck around in the kitchen because we had a science experiment today! We baked some bread and Mommy taught us about how the yeast reacts with all the other ingredients to make the bread rise.



Now, it’s time for some spelling and vocabulary. I’m not the best speller, but I do need to practice for my spelling test on Friday.



School is over for the day! I’m glad to have some freedom again. Anyway, now I have an online art class. It used to be in person, but sadly those have been cancelled until further notice. I do like improving my art skills though.



I have to help out with chores now. Today my chores are tidying up the living room. Like, do you see how messy my siblings are? Ugh.



It didn’t take me too terribly long to finish my chores today, so I settled down with a snack and watced a TV program.



Today we have school photos! Pumpkin came over to take everyone’s photo, and all my cousins and friends came over to have their photo taken too! I really liked getting to see everyone. (Also, stay tuned for those photos on Saturday!)



My best friend Gracie got to stay over for a little while after we finished up with school photos. I hung out with her, and that was really, really fun.



It’s dinnertime! Tonight it was my job to help Mommy cook. We’re having meatloaf tonight.



Tonight, we decided to watch a movie. We watched Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, and every one of us loved it.



Before bed, I always spend a little time reading to my little sisters. Tonight we read some of the Keeper of the Lost Cities book. They love that one a lot.



After I read to my siblings, I take my bath and put on my PJs.



Since I’m older than my sisters, I get to stay up a little later than them. I write in my journal some during this time, and I also help Mommy plan out tomorrow’s lessons. However, at 9:30, I go to bed and then I’ll do it all over again tomorrow!

I hope you liked coming along with me! What is a typical day in your life? Also. please tell me what you think of my new house.

P.S. Teacup made some school graphics! Make sure to check back tomorrow.

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