Stuffed Animal Play ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Cherie

Hello friends! It’s once again BABAD! Today, Cherie was randomly chosen, and she wanted me to share this story that I wrote about her a couple years ago. It’s been slightly edited, but more or less, this was written by Diamond from 2 years ago, so it’s not quite as good as my current writings. Just keep that in mind.

Also, this isn’t a photostory, but I still took a couple photos that fit with the theme of the story. I thought they were cute.


Cherie Stone walked into her living room. She was shocked to see all of the stuffed animals that the Stone children owned scattered across the ground.

“What is going on?” Cherie wondered.

In the middle of the floor, Cali sat surrounded by the stuffed animals.

“Hi Cherie!” Cali excitedly exclaimed. She held a few stuffed animals in her hands and she was playing with them.

“Hi,” Cherie said inquisitively. “Why are all of our stuffed animals out? Mommy’s going to kill you!”

“Well, she already knows, and she’s okay with it,” Cali began. “It’s the first annual Stone Family Stuffed Animal Play Day! We don’t play with our stuffed animals together enough, so Mommy let me devote a whole day to just playing with stuffed animals.

Cherie actually thought that sounded kind of fun. “Cool,” she replied.

“Do you want to help me round up all of our siblings so they can play with us?” Cali inquired.

“Sure,” Cherie agreed. The pair split up to find their siblings. Cherie went into the boy’s room. Chip and Cloud were inside playing video games on the family’s tablets.

“Hey!” Cherie greeted.

“The boys barely mumbled in reply.

“I was wondering if you’d like to play stuffed animals with us?” she asked.

“Nah, I think we’ll just stick with video games for now,” Cloud replied.

Cherie was disappointed. It would have been really fun to play stuffed animals with all of her siblings, but Chip and Cloud didn’t want to. It wouldn’t be as fun without them. Cherie hoped Cali was having better luck with the girls.

When Cherie met Cali back in the living room, she was once again disappointed. Only Cherry had agreed to come and play with them.

“The boys didn’t want to play with us. What should we do?” Cherie asked Cali.

“I don’t know. Sandy and Candy didn’t want to play with us either,” Cali informed.

“I know!” Cherry exclaimed. “We just need to have so much fun that they’ll have to join us!”

Cali and Cherie nodded.

“That sounds fun!”

“Let’s do it!”

And so, the three girls set out to have the most fun possible playing stuffed animals together.

Cali picked up a dog stuffed animal. “My animal is a princess!” she decided.

Cherry scrunched up her face in thought. “Mine is a bodyguard then,” she declared, selecting a dragon stuffed animal. “He can do cool ninja stunts.”

Cherie pondered on what her character should be. She surveyed the choices. There were certainly a lot to choose from of course, but Cherie narrowed it down to three options. Her animal was going to be either a dog, cat, or horse. “Hm,” she thought. “I think I’ll pick this dog. Maybe, she can be trying to take the princess’s throne.”

“That would be so much fun!” Cali exclaimed.

The girls began playing in their imaginary land.

“I’m Princess Sprinkles of the Couch Kingdom!” Cali’s stuffed dog announced to the other stuffed residents of couch kingdom. Cherry’s dragon, Flame, stood beside of Princess Sprinkles.

Cherie’s character, Daisy, was a resident of couch kingdom. She rebelled against Princess Sparkles. “I’d make a better princess than Sprinkles,” she muttered under her breath. But, since all of the other subjects of couch kingdom were cheering loudly, she couldn’t be heard.

Suddenly, Daisy hatched a plan. She could overthrow Princess Sprinkles and become princess herself. It was going to be great.

The game was going great. The Stone children played together a lot, but not often with stuffed animals. Cherie was starting to think that even though all of the kids weren’t involved, it was still fun. She only hoped that the rest of her siblings would soon join them. Then, it would be incredibly fun.

Before too long, Cherie’s wish was starting to come true. One by one, her siblings joined into the game. Candy was the first to join in. As she selected a horse stuffed animal, she added, “I’m Glitter. I’ll help you overthrow Princess Sprinkles if you give me money,” she told Daisy.

Daisy nodded in reply. It would be nice to have some extra help in her quest of becoming princess. So, Daisy and Glitter set off to challenge the princess.

Not too much longer, Chip and Cloud joined in. They used two identical lion stuffed animals.

“We’re Peanut and Butter,” Peanut introduced.

“We’re also twins,” Butter added. At this point in the game, Princess Sparkles and Flame were hiding from Glitter and Daisy.

The game progressed a little more and finally, Sandy decided to join in. She picked a fairy stuffed animal. “My character can be like a mentor,” she decided.

Real life disappeared as all of the Stone kids continued their game.

“I am Magic,” the fairy said. “You think you need to fight, but the only solution to your problem is a compromise,” she counseled Princess Sprinkles. Princess Sprinkles and her friends nodded, but Princess Sprinkles had another question.

“How do we do that?” she inquired.

“I’m sure Glitter and Daisy will find their way here and I will give them the same advice. In the meantime, you all can stay here and wait for them. You all can work things out then. But, you must be willing to compromise,” Magic reiterated.

Princess Sprinkles and her friends waited at Magic’s cottage for Daisy and Glitter to arrive. Magic was right, they did come to find Princess Sprinkles at Magic’s cottage. Magic gave Daisy the same advice that she gave to Princess Sprinkles.

“I’m willing to compromise if Princess Sprinkles is,” Daisy decided.

Magic brought the two together. They discussed and negotiated for a while, but eventually, they decided that both Princess Sprinkles and Daisy could rule couch kingdom.

The pair ruled together, and there was peace in couch kingdom.

Cherie was really grateful that they all played together as a family. It had been so much fun.

“We should do this again sometime,” Cherie suggested. The rest of her siblings agreed.

8 thoughts on “Stuffed Animal Play ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Cherie

  1. Ahhhhh! I Remember I and my siblings use to play like this! My sister, brother and I use to have full storylines that we would play all the time and act out ourselves. It was a superhero game, My sister and I were the two sister heroes, while my brother was the bad guy. And also just I and my sister played together with stuffed animals and a couple of other types of dolls full storylines that lasted over a year and we would continue the story every day! Ahh, so fun!

    But of course, then we turned into old ladies and stopped.

    -Liberty ❤

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