Behind the Scenes of the Halloween Fashion Show ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Rarity


Hello friends! I am Rarity, and I am here today to share with you all some behind the scenes information about our recent Halloween Fashion Show! Which, if you haven’t read yet, please do! A lot of work went into it, and it would mean a lot to our crew if you dropped a like and comment on it.

Anyway, you all may not know this, but I am the resident fashionista here at BABF! That means I am in charge of outfits most of the time. It is a very fun job to have, but sadly it means I don’t have a lot of time to star in posts. But I wouldn’t trade my job for anything. Today, I’ll be showing you some of my preparations for the Halloween Fashion Show. I put a lot of work into that one, but I think it paid off.


Here is my list of who wore what costume! There were a lot of BABs to keep track of, and I had to help some of them figure out what to wear. This is how I kept track of everything.


Here I am gathering everyone backstage to make sure their costumes are in tip top shape. I had to stitch up a few tears and clean a few stains, but most of the costumes were in excellent condition.


Here I am giving Tye his costume so he could change into it.


I also wanted to make sure the setting was perfect. I added fall decorations and fairy lights until I was pleased with everything.


Here’s the area. You may recognize it as Diamond’s desk from our House/Studio Tour. And just ignore the notebooks on the floor. They had to go somewhere!


Diamond and I also experimented with the lighting quite a bit until we decided upon the perfect style.


We ended up just going with the first thing we tried.


I was also in charge of the order that the BABs would go up in. I’m pretty happy with how smoothly eveything went.


Oh, and do you all remember how Mischief “flew?” I helped with that. I looped some black yarn through his costume and taped it to the wall. You can barely see it in the photos! I think it looked lovely.


Here’s a group shot of everyone.


And of course, I snuck a selfie in.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and seeing some behind the scenes photos!


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