How to Stay Friends After a Fight (Friendship Friday ~ April 2018)

Before we begin, I(Summer) would like to share some exciting news! Diamond fixed my hair up the other day and it looks amazing!
Here are some before pics!


And, the after pics!



I think my hair looks much better, what do you think?

OK, Now onto Friendship Friday!

Today, we will be discussing how to stay friends after a fight!


Dreamy: We were going to share some of our imagination adventures, but then, someone became a bit full of themselves thanks to a new hair-do.


Summer: My hair really does look nice, doesn’t it?
Dreamy: Sure,


Dreamy: Anyway, so we were a bit upset with each other for a while. However, we managed to get through our fight, and we thought we could share how we did so for Friendship Friday!

Remember why you became friends in the first place.

Summer: Maybe you can tell each other all your secrets. Maybe you have a lot in common. No matter what, there are reasons that you are friends. Think of those reasons, and you won’t be able to stay mad at your friend.

Try to imagine you life without your friend.

Dreamy: For me, I couldn’t imagine life without Summer. We hang out almost every day going on imagination adventures together. Without Summer, I wouldn’t feel as motivated to go on imagination adventures, and I wouldn’t have anyone to do Friendship Friday with either.

Talk to your friend. Tell her why you’re upset, or apologize.

Summer: I could tell that Dreamy was getting a little jealous of me. So I asked her what was wrong and I apologized for acting a little stuck up.

If all else fails, just forgive and forget.

Dreamy: If you and your friend aren’t getting along, maybe it’s time to just forget about the experience. Just jump right in to your next imagination adventure, forgetting all about your fight.


We hope these tips help you and your friend get through your fight! We used them and we’re ready for our next imagination adventure!
summer & dreamy


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