Reader Photos – Last Day of Camp Happy Heart 2019

Camp is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share some reader pics! I got a few people to send me in some photos, and there were also some challenges. Sadly, no one entered the Sport’s Tournament, but it’s okay! Although, it did have the best prizes. Anyway, firstly, Libby sent in a picture of the journal that she made for Pancake!

As you can see below Pancake’s and my crafting skill aren’t the best, (About at a -2.) but we had fun. 

Please excuse the quality of these photos.

Thanks Again, we  had fun (Taping our fingers together)!

I think Libby’s photos were cute! Next up, we have a contribution from Rebekah, who long-time bloggers will know as the head blogger at Stuffie Adventures! Sadly, she doesn’t blog anymore, but she did participate in Camp Happy Heart! And she’s got the same stuffies we all know and love(plus, Woody!)

Four of my stuffed animals will be joining Camp Happy Heart this year! Woody will be joining the Super Adventurers cabin, Cocoa will be joining the Cheerful Ladybugs cabin, Cupcake will be joining the Bold Butterflies cabin, and Mimi will be joining the Campfire Crew.
I went on a craft marathon so that they would be all ready for camp. 🙂 Here are a few pictures!

The four happy campers.

Registration forms, all filled out!

Cupcake’s journal entry: Today’s craft was making journals! I found that really fun, because I love putting my creativity to use. The crafts here at Camp Happy Heart are always extremely enjoyable for me. I played some board games after lunch with my cabin, and I’m going to write a few hundred words before I go to bed – I’ll have to write fast, because it’ll be lights out in half an hour! I can’t wait for more adventures tomorrow.

Mimi’s journal entry: It’s been a good day. I was able to break out of my introvert shell and talk to some of my cabin mates, and they were all really nice and made me feel perfectly at home. I showed them my work-in-progress Opus 4 and found that one is a violinist, just like me! I’ll have to talk to her more about that.

Cocoa’s journal entry: I woke up really early today and took a solitary trek into the forest near the campgrounds: it was so peaceful and perfect! I’ve really enjoyed camp so far and I can’t wait to do more fun stuff.

Woody’s journal entry: I’ve found so many opportunities here to give joy, and it cheers me up immensely. I’m happiest when I’m making other people happiest. I’ve been a shameless optimist all throughout these first few days of camp, and I’ve found that some people are actually gravitating toward me because of it! We made journals today (as you can probably tell) – Cocoa helped me decorate my cover. It currently features red and green, my two favorite colors (because, you know, Christmas).

Nametags for the campers.

Letters back home.

Cocoa, Mimi, Cupcake, and Woody have really enjoyed camp so far. Can’t wait for more to come!
Love,Rebekah & the campers

Rebekah also sent in photos of her campers participating in the various weeks. I’m totally in love with these pictures!

Weren’t those cute? I’ve really missed seeing Rebekah’s stuffies. PLEASE RETURN TO THE BLOGOSPHERE.

Also, Emmie(who also hosted her own summer camp this summer) sent in some pictures of her dolls enjoying camp! They look like they had a lot of fun.

Now, we’re getting into the challenges! The first challenge was the decades challenge. Both Kaitlyn and McKayla won that, since there were only two entries.

Those are McKayla’s pics! Chrissa was dressed as a 1940’s Schoolgirl.

Kaitlyn dressed Kit up for the 1930’s for this lovely photo.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

Libby also won the Scavenger Hunt Challenge, which also meant she wrote a guest post!


Her guest post was awesome!

I wanted to include these photos of Summer from her birthday post, because they fit with the general theme of this post.

I also took some pictures of my AG dolls participating in Camp.

I also took some pictures of the campers just before they left camp. Some of the adults had to leave, so Summer and Peri are the only counselors in the photo.

The cabins also took their own pictures together. Here are the Cheerful Ladybugs!

They got another picture without Summer.

The Campfire Crew.

The Bold Butterflies with their counselor.

Just the Bold Butterflies.

The Super Adventurers.

I hope you guys liked Camp, and make sure to take our survey to let us know what you thought!

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