Swirl’s Car Photoshoot – Universal September 2019

Hey guys! I recently had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios in Orlando with my family and I had a blast! I’m really glad I got the chance to go. Anyway, I brought Swirl with me and I took a ton of photos. I think she had fun too. Today, I’m going to share a photoshoot that I took of Swirl while we were in the car.

Swirl is packed up and ready to begin our journey.

It drizzled a little on the way there.

Swirl really liked the fact she got her own “seat.”

There’s even a little window her size! Oh how I’ll miss that car…

Swirl thought this was her seatbelt. *facepalm*

I like this picture!

Swirl decided to write a little bit in her travel journal.

I drew this page in the BAB travel journal, what do you think? It’s rather fitting for Universal.

Swirl decided to listen to a little music on my new rose gold headphones.

Swirl decided to listen to some Taylor Swift (because, who else?)

Okay, so once Swirl got tired of music, she decided to watch a movie. Oh so many choices!

Captain Marvel is always a good choice…

Swirl decided to list all the posts she could make about our trip.

Yay, we’re in Jacksonville! That means we’re in Florida, and that means we’re almost there!

I love this picture! It looks really aesthetic.

What did you think of Swirl’s car photoshoot? What do you like to do in the car?

11 thoughts on “Swirl’s Car Photoshoot – Universal September 2019

      1. Great photoshoot. Those headphones are super pretty. Normally when I’m on a long car ride I watch a movie or TV show episode, then usually listen to an audiobook or music or something like that.

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  1. I have Bluetooth headphones, too! Mine are Sky Blue. That’s pretty cool. Movies are lots of fun—especially on car trips. I have two sisters so before we each got our own tablets and phones we had to try to agree on something to watch.

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