Swirl’s Trip to Universal pt. 1

Hello friends! It’s time for more of Swirl’s trip! Now, before you read this, make sure to check out Swirl’s Hotel Photoshoot and Swirl’s Car Photoshoot. I’m going to be also sharing what we did each day. This post will be a bit long, so make sure you have a nice snack!

Saturday, September 14th, Day 1

We packed up and headed to Universal.

We went to Cowfish for dinner.

We then settled into our hotel and picked up some groceries at the grocery store.

Sunday, September 15th, Day 2

We went back to the grocery store(they were really busy the night before). We went to Universal Studios to ride Minions, met a Minion, then rode the Simpson’s ride. It got really hot, so we headed to the resort and got pizza for lunch. We went swimming after that.

We went to the mall and got a cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. It was delicious.

Monday, September 16th, Day 3

We went to parks pretty early to ride Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts. We tried to go to the Outlets to shop at the Character Warehouse, but they were really, really busy. Instead, we went to get something to cook for lunch. We watched part of a movie, and then went swimming.

After dinner, we headed to Islands of Adventure.

We saw Posiedon’s Fury, and it was actually really cool!

We also saw the new Dark Arts Harry Potter show. It was better than their last show.

After we left Universal, we went back to the Character Warehouse and were actually able to look around.

Tuesday, September 17th, Day 4

Day 4 was the most relaxed day.

We went to Disney Springs.

I always love shopping at Uniqlo.

Likewise, I like eating at Earl of Sandwich.

Swirl does too!

This store may be one of my favorites, and yes, mainly because of the entrance.

I really love the Arendelle Aqua ears!

We swam and rested after our return from Disney Springs. Then, we went to Universal and rode Storm Force Acceleration, Spider-Man(which he’s back in the MCU now! I’m really happy!), Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey, and shopped at the Marvel stores.

Since they were doing construction at our resort, they gave us a little hard hat filled with candy. It ended up being the perfect size for Swirl!

Wednesday, September 18th, Day 5

We switched resorts on this day. We stayed at Portofino Bay for the last portion of our trip. We went to the 2nd Character Warehouse, and while they were less busy, the line inside was really long. Like, longer then rides. So, needless to say, we didn’t buy anything there.

We ate at Bahama Breeze for lunch.

Our waitress was really nice! She even saw that I was taking pictures of Swirl and was super cool about it! Like, I usually have to say to people that I run a blog and explain a little about that, but she seemed to think it was cool that I was taking pictures that made it look like Swirl was eating!

And yeah, the food was amazing there.

We literally came home and figured out how to make empanadas.

Swirl enjoyed too.

Since our room wasn’t quite ready, we spent some time exploring our resort.

The resort looked super cool!

Swirl decided to “eat” the ice cream sign.

Now she’s getting some money out of the bank…

She’s shopping in the store.

And finally, she just sits down to relax.

She’s trying to escape here, I think.

See how cool the resort is?

Swirl wants her own wand.

Again, the theme of this resort is really cool.

Doesn’t the pool look refreshing?

Finally, our room was ready so we took our stuff up. Then, we took the boat over to Islands of Adventure and rode Dudley Do-rights and the Jurassic Park river ride. I didn’t take anything, and just wore my bathing suit, because let me tell you, Dudley do-rights was really fun, but you get SUPER wet. We were going to come back and hop in the pool, but it started raining and thundering, so we just hung out instead. We went to Antojitos for dinner, then hopped over to Islands of Adventure to ride Spider-Man, and the Dr. Seuss Trolley.

That concludes days 1-5, stay tuned for days 6 and 7!

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