Questions with Piper and Stella ~ Collab with Anna

Hello friends! Welcome back to Collab Week! I hope you’ve enjoyed this week so far.

Today, Stella is going to be asking one of Anna’s stuffie’s some questions. Stella’s questions will be bold and Piper’s answers in italic.


Greetings! Thank you for agreeing to answer some of my questions Piper.

For those of you who don’t know, Piper is Anna’s stuffed mouse! As part of collab week, she agreed to be interviewed on our blog. She’ll also be interviewing me later on on Anna’s blog.

First question dear, are you currently in school? What are your feelings toward school in general?


Yes! I am in 8th grade! Hmmmm I like school, although sometimes it’s really hard! But I’m glad to be able to learn!!!

Next, tell me something about your friends.

Well, I don’t have a lot of friends, but one of my best best friends is Bella the bunny! She’s super sweet and compassionate, and cares lots more about others than she does herself! I also have a few other good friends and they’re all amazing, and such good friends to me!

She sounds very sweet! You’re lucky to have such a kind friend. If you were given five minutes to say anything you wanted to the entire world, what would you say?

Oooo this is a hard one. I’d probably tell them the importance of  “judging books by their covers” and accepting people for who they are rather than being judgemental! And I’d explain how the Bible tells us to love one another, and how we should act that out in everyday life.

Well said. How do you like living with Anna?

I love it! She gives me hugs all the time, and I like to always be there for her when she’s stressed. We’ve been through a lot together, and so we’re pretty close. Although she gets on my nerves sometimes if she’s not careful and let’s her cat attack me.

Have you been keeping up with our Collab Week so far? Which collab has been your favorite?

Oh yes, I have! I need to scold Anna for not comment on any of the collab posts yet, but my favorite is probably the one with Waffle and Mr. Pink Monk! But honestly, they’re all incredible!!!!

Which holiday is your favorite? Do tell about any traditions your family may have.

I love Easter!!!!! Usually I get up bright and early on Easter morning and make cinnamon rolls! That’s the only real Easter tradition I have, but I love it!

Speaking of family, who are the members of yours?

Well, actuallyyyyyyy I was orphaned at a very young age, and so I lived in a orphanage until I was about 6! But then Anna took me in, and she takes great care of me…. So she’s pretty much the only family I have.

Would you describe yourself as more of a girly-girl, or tomboy?

Oooooo, good question! I am pretty much right in between the two, altough if I had to choose one, I suppose I would say I’m closer to being a girly girl!

As far as eating goes, what meals do you most like?

I love pretty much any mexican-style meals! So…. Tacos are amazing! I also love cheese quesadillas with beans and rice! Yummy!!!

Finally, tell our readers about some of your hobbies.

Oooo, well,I love to make greeting cards, and crochet, and bake cupcakes/cakes and decorate them!! I also enjoy gardening!

Wonderful! Let’s hear it for Piper!

I hope you enjoyed that interview! Check out Anna’s blog for Piper’s interview with Stella!

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