Which Small-Fry Are You Based On Your School Habits | QUIZ ~ Back to School Week

Hello friends! Welcome back to Back to School week!

Today, I’ve got a quiz for you all. I did one in March, and not only did I enjoy it a lot, but it was also popular with you guys! This one, you’ll answer questions based off school related questions!

Make sure to keep track of your answers!

1. You are the…

a. Class Clown

b. Queen Bee

c. Teacher’s Pet

d. Nerd

e. Jock

2. What’s your favorite subject?

a. Science

b. Foreign Language

c. Home Economics

d. Math

e. P.E.

3. Describe your typical school outfit.

a. A graphic tee and jeans

b. A fashionable dress and lots of costume jewelry

c. A cardigan and leggings

d. The first thing that doesn’t stink

e. Basketball shorts and a sports tee

4. The teacher has left the room. What do you do?

a. Plan a prank for when your teacher gets back

b. Take a nap

c. Take charge and keep your classmates in line

d. Quietly complete your own work

e. Chat with your friends

5. It’s the weekend! What do you to?

a. Hang out with friends

b. Go shopping

c. Read

d. Homework

e. Watch sports

6. You have a big test coming up tomorrow. How do you prepare?

a. You don’t, winging it is your style

b. Try to bribe the teacher

c. Take aesthetic notes

d. Study

e. Get a good night’s rest

7. Which school supply is your favorite?

a. Markers

b. Backpacks

c. Notebooks

d. Pencils

e. Paper

8. Least favorite subject?

a. Math

b. History

c. P.E.

d. Public Speaking

e. English

9. What does your backpack look like?

a. Colorful

b. Sparkly

c. Pastel

d. Has calculators on it

e. Sports themed

10. Favorite after-school snack?

a. Chocolate

b. Granola bar

c. Apples and celery

d. Chips

e. Protein bar

11. Your notebook is filled with…

a. Doodles

b. A list of things you want to buy

c. Aesthetic notes

d. Math problems

e. Nothing

12. It’s almost the last day of school! How do you feel about that?

a. Excited, you’ve got an epic last day prank planned

b. Thankful that you passed

c. It’s bittersweet

d. Sad

e. More time for sports!

Okay! Great job completeing that quiz. Did you keep track of your answers? Let’s find out who you’re most like!


Mostly A’s: Mischief

You’re the class clown! Sometimes your grades suffer due to your antics, but it’s worth it. Everyone loves to be around you. If someone is having a bad day, you can always cheer that person up.


Mostly B’s: Candy

The only reason you even pay attention in school is so you can get a good job and get rich. Your attention span is very short, but somehow, you pass all your classes.


Mostly C’s: Sandy

You’re a very good student. You’re helpful to your teacher and classmates. Also, you don’t exactly love school, but you do things to help yourselt enjoy it more. Like taking cute notes and having nice school supplies.

(This is probably the one I’m most like!)


Mostly D’s: Theo

You’re one smart cookie! You get straight A’s and can be studying late into the night. Sometimes, your relationships with others suffer as result though.


Mostly E’s: Rudy

You are an sporty and social student. The main reason you get good grades is so you don’t get kicked off a sports team. Playing sports is your highest priority, but you also love hanging out with friends.

Who’d you get? Tell me in the comments!

Tune in tomorrow for study tips with Sandy!

46 thoughts on “Which Small-Fry Are You Based On Your School Habits | QUIZ ~ Back to School Week

  1. I love the quiz, Diamond!!! Such a creative idea!! You know what, I’m going to be evil and make you guess which stuffie I’m most like… *evil laugh* (Time to see how well you know me XDD)

    Liked by 1 person

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