Toy DIYs – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hey everyone! Today I have not one, but three crafts for you all to make! 

First, we have a yo-yo. You will need four buttons, two being about the size of your camper’s hand and the other two being smaller.

Glue the two smaller ones together.

Glue the smaller buttons onto one of the larger ones.

Glue the other large button onto the smaller buttons.

Tie some string around the yo-yo and wrap it around.


For the next craft, you need to cut a length of floss thread that will wrap around one hand to the other.

Put some washi tape on both ends.

And you have a jump rope! How fun!

This craft is pretty simple too. Cut a small length of string, you’ll need it at the end.

(I recommend using yarn for this particular craft. I speak from experience)

Wrap some string around a flat object(the size depends on how big you want the finished product to be)

Gently slide the string off, while pinching the middle.

Tie around the middle.

Cut the looped ends.

Tada! You have  a little pom pom friend!

You can add eyes and a mouth if you like as well.

Now, your campers are well ready to fight boredom on a rainy day at camp!

Oddly enough, today it rained here for the first time in about a month. I had this post planned for months, so what a coincidence!

I hope you guys enjoyed this craft, and if you make it, be sure to email me a picture to be featured at the end of camp! Email requirements can be found HERE!

4 thoughts on “Toy DIYs – Camp Happy Heart 2019

  1. It rained yesterday, and it is raining right now. Is started raining while my sidings were still outside so … *chuckles*. The yo-yo is so cute! Now I want to pick up a yo-yo and start doing tricks. (Though I can’t do any XD.)

    -Liberty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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