He’s Making a List ~ Naughty and Nice Episode One

Hello friends! Today I am so excited to introduce to you the first episode of Naughty and Nice!

I’m not going to ramble in today’s intro because I’m so excited about this story! Please enjoy!


“The lists are out!” I called. 

Jack and I eagerly awaited December 15th every year. For that was the day when we found out if we were on the Nice List or the Naughty List. I normally knew which list I was on (the nice one,) but Jack flip-flopped between the two. Though last year he’d been good enough to make it to the Nice List, this year, he seemed to have been extra bad.


I knew he didn’t mean to be naughty. In his heart, he was a good kid. He just…had a funny way of showing it.


“Hehe.” A devious giggle came from our living room. Curious, I wandered into our newly decorated living room. I saw Jack wearing a mischievous grin and holding a can of whipped cream.


“Shh.” He pressed his finger to his lips.


I looked behind him. Gulping, I saw my dad asleep on the couch…with a pile of whipped cream in his hand.


“Ja-ackkk,” I whined, taking care to keep my voice low. “You can’t keep doing stuff like this!”

My brother was ever the prankster.


“I know, but look!” Jack reached over to tickle Dad’s nose. As expected, Dad reached to scratch his nose and was met with a gooey surprise.


“Jack!” he grumbled, upset after being disturbed. “No more TV for a week!”


Jack sighed. “Aw, c’mon! You gotta admit that was funny!”


Dad raised an eyebrow. He was a no-nonsense guy. Jack was a nonsense guy. Jack pulled a lot of pranks. Many of those pranks were pulled on my father. Which meant that Jack was often in trouble.

I imagined what a week without TV would be like.


“It won’t be so bad,” I promised. Though I didn’t often get punished, I did sometimes voluntarily share Jack’s punishments. 

I would do anything for my brother.

Anyway, that’s how I knew that a week without TV was nothing. We’d easily get through it together.


“But…it’s almost Christmas!” Jack sighed. “What about all of our Christmas shows?”

The mention of Christmas reminded me why I’d come to find Jack in the first place.


“Wanna find out what lists we made?” I asked, changing the subject.

A smile lit up Jack’s face, curing his earlier disappointment. “Of course!”


I pulled up the web page on my phone. Jack and I scanned the Nice List first, hoping to find his name.

“Anna White, Abigail White, Andrew White…” I sighed. This could take a while.

My eyes stopped when I found a familiar name amidst the ‘J’s’.

“Jack White!” I cheered. He’d made it after all. I was so happy for him.


But Jack wasn’t satisfied. He took my phone and kept scrolling. “I don’t see your name,” he sighed.


I shook my head. “What?”

I pondered the list of names. Sure enough, it went from “Nicholas White” to “Nicole White.” There was normally a “Nick White” sandwiched in between there.


“Something’s wrong,” Jack groaned, checking the other list. He gasped when he found what he was looking for. He held out the phone. My eyes didn’t deceive me. In bold red letters, I read, “Nick White.”


I swallowed. I wasn’t exactly expecting that. Sure I wasn’t perfect, but none of the other kids were either. I mean, Jack was naughtier than I’d ever been. Did that mean my plan worked?

“Does it say why?” I asked, knowing that it never did.


Jack glumly shook his head. “I don’t understand…but I have a plan.”


I rolled my eyes. “I’m not interested in your plans.”

Shivering, I remembered the time Jack insisted on hacking into our school’s grading database when I got a C on my math test. We were caught, and despite my limited involvement, we both had detention for a month.

I definitely didn’t want to know what would happen if he got caught tampering with Santa Claus’ list.


“Fineeeeeeeee,” Jack groaned. “But don’t think I’m sharing presents with you this year.”

I smiled when I thought of two Christmases ago. Jack was on the Naughty List, so of course, the only thing Santa brought him was a lump of coal. He looked so disappointed when I got a hoverboard, so I made sure he knew it was our hoverboard.


“You may be younger,” I remembered Mom saying. “But I’m pretty sure you’re more mature. Thank you for being so kind to your brother.”

I grinned. I wouldn’t want anything if Jack couldn’t share it with me.


“Do you have any idea what you did?”

I racked my brain, trying to think of what I could have done to cause this.


Other than the obvious thing, I wasn’t sure.


“C’mon! The meanest thing you’ve done was help me with a prank. But I was the one to actually pull the prank and I’m on the Nice List. So why are you on the…other list?” Jack said.

“I can’t think of anything,” I sighed. “Oh well. I guess I just wasn’t nice enough this year.”

Jack shook his head. “I don’t know…but I will get to the bottom of this.”


“Jack, you really don’t have to,” I sighed. He didn’t need to go through any trouble for me.

However, once Jack set his mind to something, he never stopped. Despite my protests, I knew he would figure something out. No matter what, I knew we’d end up on the same list. Either he figured out how to add my name to the Nice List, or he managed to get himself on the naughty list. There was no in-between. Jack wasn’t the type of person to do something halfway.


After sharing a knowing look, I gave in. “Whatever.”


A smile crept across Jack’s face. Then, he disappeared into the computer room.


A knot formed in my stomach. I hoped Jack wasn’t doing something related to tonight’s incident.

I took a deep breath. Jack going to use the computer certainly wasn’t unusual, right?


Thinking of bed, I yawned. It was getting late. Whatever Jack was doing, I’d have to deal with it in the morning.

Jack was known to spend hours on the computer. He was a whiz. Computer science was the only class he cared enough about to get straight A’s in. Whatever his reasoning for using the computer tonight, I knew that he probably wouldn’t come back out until Mom dragged him out at bedtime.

So? Let me know what you think! And if you didn’t like that episode, don’t worry! It gets better as the series progresses.

I’ll definitely see you guys tomorrow for more 31 Days of Christmas! And more Naughty and Nice is coming up!


41 thoughts on “He’s Making a List ~ Naughty and Nice Episode One

  1. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOVED the additions of the pictures to the story!! Honestly, I got so nostalgic reading the opening again. Oooo I can’t wait till everyone else gets to read the next episode. *winks* (And though I feel like I say this all the time, I can’t help but add that the li’l mini smartphone for your build a bear is ADORABLE!!!) Oh, and as a bit of a sidetrack, I LOVE your sign-off image!!! So festive and fun!

    *is really excited for the next episode*

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