Naughty and Nice Wrap-Up + Interview

Hello friends!

You all liked Naughty and Nice right? Wanna see an exclusive post about it?

You can expect to see in today’s post…behind the scenes photos, a wrap-up, and an interview! Are you excited? I’m excited.


He’s Making a List ~ Naughty and Nice Episode One

A Mantle of White ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Two

We Are Santa’s Elves ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Three

Checking It Twice ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Four

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Five

Santa Tell Me ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Six

Candy Canes and Silver Lanes Aglow ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Seven

Please Christmas, Don’t Be Late ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Eight

If Only In My Dreams ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Nine

Behind the Scenes


I love this sign for the bakery! I wrote all the text in red glittery ink. I decided that it would be cute if it was established in 1225. Y’know, cuz of Christmas day?


Tye volunteers to be an elf…he’s having fun baking cookies.


8 days til Christmas…heh, I wish.


Yummy…cupcakes! I’m glad I’m doing this post because I get to show some of the details that didn’t really shine through in the series.




Cherie is sipping some cocoa as she pretends to mix cookie dough.


The cookie dough…is the potatoes from this post.


Cherie loves hot cocoa!


Ooh, look at the decorating room!


Cherry takes the part of a decorating elf.


Lots of trees…


The sleigh hangar!


Chip’s role is “reindeer trainer”


Candy takes care of the baby reindeer.


Cali cleans and maintenances the sleigh.


You guys are pretty familiar with this room – the list-keeping room!


I wrote on each of these letters…it was pretty fun!


Here’s a letter from Jack…one from Candy…


One from some dude named Bob…and one from me. I may have gotten my Christmas wish.


Good old Sandy…she wants world peace.


A letter from Mischief, and one from Mr. Poopypants...which is Mischief’s alter ego.

The Interview

Here’s one of the fun parts of this post…the interview! I asked my friend(and alpha reader!) Kaley to ask me some questions about this series…here are my answers!

1. Where did the idea for Naughty and Nice come from?

I don’t actually know…I just really liked the idea of two siblings visiting the North Pole and everything kind of spiraled from there. I wanted to make my own Christmas Photo Series and I wanted it to have a “Christmas Movie Feel.”

2. Which episode is your favorite?


Probably…episode ten. I really like how everything was wrapped up, and I also like the lighting in some of the photos!

3. Which place was the most fun to create?


Probably the Bakery! Except…it did make me kinda hungry as well.

4. Which character do you most relate to?


I’m probably a mixture of Nick and Peppermint. I can be very organized when it comes to some things…I’d love to be the head elf at the North Pole! But I’m also just a simple girl.

5. Is any of the story inspired by anything in your life?

I mean, other than my visit to the North Pole as a little girl? Not really.

6. Has anything changed from when you had the first idea?

Oh definitely! Originally it was titled “Santa’s Workshop” for one thing. Also, Jack was going to be the one on the naughty list and he hacked into the list to try to remove his own name. But before I started writing it…I decided that it’d be more interesting to have Jack try to remove Nick from the list.

7. What would the characters look like if they weren’t stuffed animals?

Hm…I don’t know! *checks pinterest*

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}
I don’t really like any of the options for Nick…but I suppose this one is okay. His hair would be shorter though.
This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}
maybe Jack?
This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}
Peppermint…just a bit older
This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}
the outift helps…but maybe this could be Cocoa? With a grumpier expression of course…

8. How long did it take you to write this?

Well…I started in August, and finished drafting in October. It’s about 10k words. In November, I did a round of edits after some feedback from my alpha readers. Then, I got to work on the set and photos! I think I finished everything within the first week of December, so that was nice.

Once again, I’d like to thank my alpha readers! I already mentioned Kaley, but I also had Issabelle, Sarah, Maggie, Alexa, and Chloe! I really feel like I had the best bunch of alpha readers ever, so thank you!

Also thanks to the readers! Your enthusiasm for this story really meant a lot to me!

I will see you tomorrow with more 31 Days posts!


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