We Are Santa’s Elves ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Three

Hello friends!

Are you guys ready for more Naughty and Nice? I think you are! The story is definitely getting good right now. This episode took forever…probably the longest episode to make. That’s because there are lots of different settings here. That being said, I really like how it turned out! The North Pole looks really cool here.

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We reported back to the elf from whom we had gotten our costumes. Her name was Peppermint and she was the Head Elf in Charge. That made sense to me. She seemed to be very organized.


“Okay, you two are my new list-keepers. You’ll be in the list-keeping room. Currently, the lists are finalized, but we do need to read letters and find out what the kids want,” she explained.


“What other jobs are there?” I asked.

Working in the list-keeping room sounded like a nightmare. Plus, Jack might end up finding the Thing I Didn’t Want Him To Find.

We didn’t need any distractions. What we needed was to find out how to get home. But when in the North Pole, you might as well look around. I knew I’d hate myself forever if I was too caught up in getting home to have any fun here. How many kids got to go to the North Pole? Plus, the more I learned about this place, the better chance we had at getting home.


“Well, there are the toy-makers, the sleigh team, the cookie makers, and…” she tapped her pen against her clipboard. “Oh! The decorators.”

That sounded like a lot. But I guess it made sense. Santa couldn’t just fly around the world without teams of elves preparing and helping him.


“Nice,” Jack replied. “Where is the Master List kept?”

I side-eyed him. Even though it seemed like a natural thing to ask, I knew he wanted to know for a more sinister reason.


“Oh, you won’t be needing that!” Peppermint laughed. “As I said, it’s been completed for the year. The big guy keeps it in his office until December 10th, keeping track of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Then, the list keepers tirelessly spend the next five days uploading it to the website. You guys just missed it! You’re lucky. There’s always next year though…”

That sounded stressful…


Jack rubbed his chin. “So, we’re the list-keepers, but we can’t change the Master List?”


“Well of course not!” Peppermint laughed. “How would you guys know who’s been naughty or nice? The big guy does all that. The list-keepers just manage everything.”

I sighed. That sounded boring. 

We’d better find a way back home quickly.

I did not want to get stuck here indefinitely. The chaos Peppermint had described sounded exhausting.


“Can we have a tour of the workshop?” Jack asked.

I kicked him. 

We should be focusing on how to get home.


“Oh of course! That’s actually part of the new elf protocol! Follow me,” Peppermint briskly led us around the facility. “This is the bakery,”


We walked in. I breathed in the sweet, warm scent of chocolate chip cookies. The room was an industrial-sized kitchen filled with elves donning aprons. Flour and chocolate splattered the walls.


Jack swiped a cookie from the counters. I glared disapprovingly at him and swatted his hand.


“Oh, feel free to help yourselves,” Peppermint said, without even turning to face us. “The baker elves make plenty of cookies for the entire population of the North Pole. Plus, Santa gets more than he could ever eat on Christmas Eve.”


With that, I helped myself to a cookie.

“Oh my,” I sighed. The cookie tasted even better than the ones Mom made. “This is amazing.”

Peppermint nodded. “Just wait until the peppermint chocolate cookies come out of the oven.”

I drooled a little as the minty aroma reached my nostrils. It smelled like heaven.


“Can we stay here until those are done?” Jack begged.

“No,” Peppermint sighed. “We have a strict tour schedule to stick to. I’ll have some sent to your station when we’re done though.”

She led us out of the bakery.

“Thank you!” I shouted to the baker elves as Jack whisked me after Peppermint.


Next, we were led into a room filled with Christmas trees, wrapping paper, and bows. Unlike the bakery, this room was very organized. I assumed that this was the decoration room.


“Decorators are in charge of wrapping gifts and decorating the North Pole. They’re very busy right now.”


She was right. None of the decorator elves so much as glanced up from their work.


Many presents of various shapes and sizes filled the room. If I was an elf, I think this would be the room where I’d most like to work.


“Well, then we shouldn’t linger…” I added. We’d seen what we needed to see.

Peppermint grinned. “I like the way you think.”


We followed her to our next stop, the toy-making room.

“Most of the toys are completed for the year,” Peppermint droned on. “All that’s left now, are a few special requests for very good children.”


I sighed, remembering a Christmas from a couple of years ago when I asked for that hoverboard. For weeks, I was on my best behavior, hoping to find it on Christmas morning. Joy washed over my face when I ran downstairs to find a hoverboard sitting under our family tree.


We continued our tour by visiting the sleigh hangar. Out of all the stations we visited, this one was certainly the loudest.


“Donner, I want to see that jump again!” an elf shouted.

“Comet needs a new harness!” another voice rang.


Peppermint gestured to the reindeer.


“Here’s Santa’s sleigh team! The eight reindeer have a training team, and their schedule is very rigorous. I should know! I helped create it myself.”


Jack and I glanced at the reindeer. But our attention was quickly drawn to a large red sleigh.

Peppermint followed our gaze.


“Oh yes. That’s the big guy’s sleigh alright. Currently, it’s being maintenanced for the big flight. It’s certainly a beauty isn’t it?”

Speechless, Jack and I only nodded in reply.


“I want to fly it…” Jack whispered to me.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Do you know how stupid that would be?”

He only grinned. “Why do you think I want to do it?”


“Perhaps we should end the tour before things get out of hand,” Peppermint nervously decided, most likely overhearing our conversation.

Good idea…

I nodded, leading Jack out of the hangar.


“Finally, this is the list-keeping room.”

The last stop on our tour was filled with papers. I felt a little woozy just looking at how many papers were filed away in the room.

“You’ll have plenty of time to get intimately acquainted with this room. It’s where all the letters are kept.”


“I can tell,” Jack breathed. I wondered if he too was intimidated by the mass of paper.


“Oh, I’d best be going!” Peppermint breathlessly exclaimed. “I’m nearly late for my meeting with the big guy!”

“Speaking of…” Jack began. “When are we going to see his office?”


“Oh…maybe after Christmas. Only if you prove yourselves though.”


With that Peppermint was off. Jack and I exchanged a glance. We both had reasons to get to the big guy’s office. And neither of us could wait until after Christmas.

Ooh, things are getting tense! Which room was your favorite? I wanna know where you guys would hang out as elves.

Join us tomorrow for the Stone Family Photos!

28 thoughts on “We Are Santa’s Elves ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Three

  1. YES, I agree with the above comments that the set is INCREDIBLE. You’re a genius, Diamond, for coming up with all of that and creating it. In the list keeping room, I was looking at all the hand-written notes amazed at all the little detail you’ve put into it!! LOVE IT!!!!! This story is coming along SO wonderfully and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks when we get to the You Know What. 😉

    My favorite room was OBVIOUSLY the bakery! You STILL keep making me hungry. I NEED THOSE COOKIES. 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thanks! I was so worried you guys wouldn’t like the set, but clearly I was worrying for nothing!
      Thanks! There’s a TON of details that aren’t even prominent in this series…but I might have a post on that later…
      I certainly don’t know what you’re talking about….heh 😉

      Aghhhh same! *hands you virtual cookie*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Of COURSE I agree with everyone~ the settings are ✨perfect.✨ Especially the list keeping room! And I love the reindeer training team idea. 😌 I’d probably hang around the bakery.. you know why. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

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