Waffle’s Christmas Cookies

Hello friends!

Welcome back to the 31 Days of Christmas! Today we’re winding down…Waffle will be showing you some cookies that he made this Holiday season.


Hi guys! Welcome to Waffle’s kitchen!


I’m going to be showing you all some cookies that I baked this holiday season!


First up is a classic…chocolate chips!


Then, I melted some chocolate and dipped the cookies in the chocolate.




Then I tried meringues…I’ve never made them before and I think I did something wrong, but they still taste good!


This was very easy…just a chocolate-covered pretzel.


I made this fudge, which may be my favorite thing! It’s super yummy.


I made some Hershey Kiss cookies too!


From the same batch, I made Reese’s cookies too!


Here are all my cookies on one plate! Which one looks the tastiest?

I hope you liked to see all these cookies! I certainly enjoyed baking them. Have you baked anything this holiday season?


5 thoughts on “Waffle’s Christmas Cookies

  1. Oh my word Waffle, you did such a good job baking those! They all look very yummy! I have made meringues with my mom before, and they can be tricky to make, but as long as they taste good thats basically all that matters! lol


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