L’Etudiant Etranger || Season Two, Episode Four {Series Finale}

Hello friends!

At last, we’re at the end of L’Etudiant Etranger. This is my first completed multi-season photoseries! That’s exciting, right? Anyway, today’s episode is the last episode ever…so I really hope you enjoy!


Days passed and I still hadn’t made my decision.


“Are your things ready for the airport?” Clarice asked. “Adeline sweetie, I don’t remember if you’ve ever told me when you’re flying home. Is it soon?”


“Oh, I am staying in the United States for a while. I love it here!” Adeline happily replied.


I loved it here too, but was that enough to stay? I couldn’t believe it was already time to leave. It seemed that I’d taken too much time to decide – the decision had already been made. I had to get on that plane back to France. My parents were expecting me.

“Yes, my things are packed,” I sighed. I did not want to leave America.

The drive to the airport was quiet. My entire host family had accompanied me to bid me adieu,* and of course, Adeline was there.

I hated not knowing when I’d see any of them again.



It felt like I was watching a movie as the next scenes progressed. There was a tearful goodbye, me on the airplane, and finally, I touched down in another country. It didn’t register to me that I was thousands of miles away from some of my dearest friends, possibly forever, until it was too late.


“Gisselle!” my parents were waiting for me outside the airport. “Ça fait tellement longtemps! Tu nous as manqué!”*

I had missed them too. But this wasn’t the joyous homecoming I’d imagined. Adeline wasn’t here, and I felt a sense of homesickness for the US already, even though it wasn’t my home. But the people there…I’d felt nothing like what I’d felt for them.

Ever since I met them, I’d felt a sense of belonging. Only now that I was back in France did I realize I’d made a terrible mistake.

*It’s been so long! We missed you!


Mère, Père,” I sniffled. “I think I would like to go back to America. With Adeline.”

They shared a sad glance. 

Si c’est ce que tu veux,”* Mère sighed.

*If that’s what you want.


After a few days of visiting with my parents, they put me on a plane again. This time, it wasn’t for a school year. I didn’t know how long I’d stay in America. But I did know one thing. I belonged there. My parents and my birth country would always remain a part of me. And I’d always come back to visit. 

But America was my home now. Adeline was my home. Claire and Rudy were my home. If I stayed in France, I’d always feel something missing from my life.

For the second time that week, my plane touched down in a different country. This time, no familiar faces stood to greet me. I hadn’t told Clarice or Adeline, or anyone of my plans yet.

I took an Uber to Rudolph and Clarice’s house. Nerves got the better of me as I knocked on their door…would they be happy to see me? Would they tell me to go back to France?


Claire gasped when she saw me.

“Mom! I think I’m going crazy!” she hollered.


“You are not crazy mon petit sœur.* I am really here,” I pulled her into a hug. “I am staying in America.”

There were more shocked and tearful greetings. Clarice called Periwinkle and told her to drive Adeline over immediately. She also told me that I was welcome to stay with her for as long as I wanted.

“I would like that,” I replied. Even though I wouldn’t be living with Adeline, we’d still be very close. I liked living with Rudolph and Clarice.

*my little sister


Finally, Adeline arrived. I hid behind a wall, waiting to surprise her.

“What is it?” she asked.


I leaped out. “Me!”

She clutched a hand to her chest. “Est-ce vraiment toi?”*

I nodded. “C’est.”**

*Is it really you?

**It is.


She embraced me and I continued. “I am staying here. In America.”

The joy we both felt was unmatchable. I felt much of the same way I’d felt when I’d first arrived in this country, but this time I had my sister by my side. We were going to finally be together.

Did you like Gisselle’s story? Are you glad she ultimately decided to stay in America?

Anyway, I do apologize for being all over the place with blogging lately. Hopefully, I can get my act together before Camp starts. Which reminds me, next time I see you will be during Camp Happy Heart! I’m excited!


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