A Trip to Universal ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Mischief

Hello friends! Recently, I was able to go to Universal Studios! I was really, really grateful to have been able to go on this trip, because we actually have been trying to go since February. (we only had to reschedule 2-3 times…)

It was a little different with COVID and everything, but I still took Mischief and he wants to tell you about his time for today’s BABAD post! I’ll let him take it away from here.


This is me looking out the window and constantly asking “Are we there yet?”

It took a while to get there, and even though I really wanted to play a prank, Diamond told me to be on my best behavior.


Yay! We finally got to the hotel. I immediately hopped on the bed, claiming it as my own. Diamond didn’t like that, and she told me I could sleep in the chair. So, I did. Because, I really wanted to go to Universal! I didn’t want to take any chances.


Oh, look! I’m at the beach! Wait, no. I’m just in front of a really realistic photograph. Did I fool you?


Here I am, dramatically staring out the window.


We stayed at Loews Royal Pacific for the first part of our trip. It was pretty nice.


We didn’t doo too much the first night we were there. But, we did go to a Mexican restaurant where I ate this quesadilla. Yum!


The next morning, we went to Voodoo Doughnut for breakfast. I ate a whole apple fritter myself(well, actually I only had a bite…)


After breakfast, we headed over to Universal Studios!


Because of COVID, they didn’t really have a lot of characters or parades. So, instead they put this parade float by the entrance. I liked getting my picture with the Minions.


As soon as we got into Universal, we headed right for the Harry Potter ride. It was really fun!


After we got off of the Harry Potter ride, we rode the Simpsons.


There was no one ahead of us. It’s because we’re so special.


I wanted my picture taken by Lard Lad…

We rode Men In Black after we got off the Simpsons. I obviously won.


Then we decided to go on ET. The only problem? ET wasn’t open yet! So, we shopped around in the Spongebob store. It was really cool, as always.


ET still wasn’t open, so we decided to find a rest area and cool off. Wearing masks for hours on end in Florida heat is no fun.


Anyway, then we rode ET. Which was pretty cool.


The last thing we did at Universal Studios was the new Bourne Stuntacular. It was so cool!


We went back to the room and I ate these cookies that Diamond made. They were good. We also swam and rested.


When we went to eat dinner, we saw some ducks. I tried to feed them, so they would continue to annoy others. You’re all welcome.


It was rainy the rest of the night.


The last thing we did was watch Spongebob! Which, has anyone noticed that the new Spongebob episodes are really weird and dumb? Totally nothing like old Spongebob.


The next morning, we went to Islands of Adventure.


We only rode the Harry Potter ride there.


Then, it was time for another rest area.


We also tried Butterbeer for the first time.


For lunch that day we went to a place called Mrs. Potato. As you can probably guess, they had…potatoes.


That day, we also did a couple water rides at Islands. You get reallllyyyyyy wet.

The next morning, we went to a different hotel. After we packed up, we went back to Islands to ride Spiderman.


We also met the dinosaur from Jurassic Park.


Then, we made it to the next hotel! I kind of got into trouble because I tricked Diamond into thinking she had left me at the other hotel. Oops. She didn’t let me go to Sea World with them after that. But, I still want to share the Sea World pictures with you guys!




It looks like the Sea Lions posed for the pictures.


There was also an Orca show that Diamond said was pretty good.


And a sea lion show…


And fireworks! Even though Diamond left me at the hotel, I could still see the fireworks from there. Hehe.


Sea World also has Penguins.


I had a really nice trip! I’m glad Diamond let me go. But, she really should have known better if she thought I wouldn’t pull any pranks while we were there…

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11 thoughts on “A Trip to Universal ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Mischief

  1. Yay, I LOVED this post. Your trip looked so super fun and now I want to go to Universal even more than ever! Sea World also looks awesome. The photos turned out really, really great. I’m glad you all got to finally go on your vacation!

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