Twin Telepathy? (Twin Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2020)


“Hello friends! Welcome to this fine Twin Tuesday.”


“Today, we have a game for you all! It is entitled ‘Twin Telepathy’. Have you ever heard how some twins just seem to know what the other is thinking? That is the theory we will be testing out today. We’ve selected two sets of twins, which you’ll meet in a minute. I’m your impartial host, Tyler Dyler. But you guys can just call me Tye.”


“Here is the first set of twins, Cherry and Cherie Stone!”


“The next set of twins are Rudy and Claire Stone! You may be wondering if there is any relation between these two sets of twins, and you’d be correct! They’re cousins. Hence why they both have the last name ‘Stone'”


“Anyway, the rules are simple. I’ve took Cherry and Claire aside and asked them these questions earlier. Rudy and Cherie have no idea what their answers were aside from twin telepathy! I will ask Rudy and Cherie to answer how they think their twin answered. Each team will get a marker and sheets of paper to write on. You will each have 20 seconds to write your answers. Let’s begin!”


“Okay, question number one. On a scale of 1-10, how much does your twin love Christmas?”


“10!” Cherie and Rudy both exclaimed after the time was up.

“That is correct! Both of your twins love Christmas very much. Question number two: If your twin could be doing anything right now, what would she do?”


“Cherry would run and play,” Cherie replied.

“She’d either be reading or writing,” Rudy answered.

“You both got that one too! You really know your twins! Next question, What superpower would your twin have?”


“Probably flying,” Cherie presented.

Cherry happily nodded.


“Uhh, invisibility?” Rudy guessed.

“Hmph,” Claire sighed. “I would have picked the ability to teleport to fictional worlds.”

“Well, things are heating up! Rudy and Claire missed that one, but Cherry and Cherie are only one point ahead! It’s still anyone’s game. Let’s see if this question shifts the balance, what is the first movie your twin will think of?”


“Tangled!” Cherie proudly shouted. “We just watched it last night.”

“Star Wars,” Rudy mumbled.


“No,” Claire dramatically sighed. “Do you even know me at all?”


“Okay, well. Cherry and Cherie are currently leading by two points. However, anyone could still win. What is the first word that pops into your twin’s head when presented with the word ‘winter?'”


Both contestants hastily scribbled words on their papers. “Snow! Cherie blurted out.

“I’m sorry, Cherry actually said ‘fun,'”

“Christmas,” Rudy answered hopefully.

“Yes! It looks like Rudy and Claire are catching up to Cherry and Cherie. Speaking of, what are you doing Cherry?”


“Uh, what does it look like I’m doing? I’m doing a headstand!” Cherry casually replied.

“Oh, okay. Uh, it’s time for question 6. What is your twin’s favorite post from the blog?”


Her BABAD?” Rudy assumed.

“How about the Twin Tuesday where we swapped?” Cherie announced her answer.

“You both got it! How many songs does your twin listen to on a regular day?”


“Cherry isn’t a huge fan of music. Just however many she hears that play throughout our house,” Cherie replied.

“Claire likes music a lot. Probably about 20?” Rudy decided.

“You both did really good! Cherry actually answered none, but I think your answer counts Cherie. Great job! Next question, on a scale of 1-10, how much does your twin care about clothes?”


“Uh, 7?” Rudy answered.

“0. Cherry does not care at all about clothes.” Cheri confidently replied.

“Cherie, you got it right! I’m so sorry Rudy, but Claire actually answered 8. Still, you two have a chance to catch up. Let’s see if you do better with question 9. What does your twin want to eat right now?”


“Um, a chocolate chip cookie?” Rudy hesitantly replied.

“Cake?” Cherie said, not much more confidently.

“You actually both got that one wrong. Cherry answered with Cheetos, and Claire said chocolate. But, since you did include chocolate in your answer Rudy, you still get a point.


“The scores are so close. It all comes down to this. If Cherie gets this one wrong and Rudy gets it right, Rudy and Claire win! But, if either Rudy gets it wrong or Cherie gets it right, Cherry and Cherie win! Here is your final question, how was your twin’s day today?”


Both contestants took as much time as they could. The pressure was high.

Cherie took a deep breath. “Cherry was upset because we had to do chores today.”

“Pretty good. We loved getting to come over to the Stone residence,” Rudy nervously added.

“Final scores are in! Both contestants answered the final question correctly. Rudy and Claire have a final score of 7/10, and Cherry and Cherie have 8/10. That means…”


“Cherry and Cherry won!”


“Thank you for playing Twin Telepathy! Is their anything you’d like to tell our viewers?”


“We’re really glad to have gotten to play this game! It was a lot of fun. Of course, we were very happy that we won, but Rudy and Claire played well.”


“We had a lot of fun playing too! Cherry and Cherie won fair and square, and we had fun, so that’s the most important part. However…if you’d like to see a rematch, make sure to like and comment! If this post get’s at least 5 likes and 3 comments(not counting our replies), we’ll have to do this again in either November or January!”

“Well then there you have it! If you liked this post, don’t forget to like and comment! Thanks for watching, er, reading!”

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