Aftershock S2 Episode 6

Hello friends! It’s time for episode 6! I can’t believe we’re getting so close to the season finale!

Anyway, in this episode you won’t see much of Lauren and Teddy. They’re doing they’re own thing. And…once you read the end of this post, that won’t be the thing you yell at me in the comments over…



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An emptiness filled the spot on the team that used to be filled by Lauren. Even though Andy and I had started out with just us and Baby, we’d grown accustomed to having her around. She was like a sister to me.

And then she just left.

In a split second, the friend I once knew became a stranger. I’d thought I’d known her better than that. Clearly, I was wrong.


She claimed that she would come back, but I knew better. The look in her eyes, and the fact that she never picked up the phone when we called her told me that she’d already moved on.

I just wanted to know why. Why she left us, why she kept things from us, why everything. But there were no answers to be found. She was gone, missing, without a trace.

I know I could search for her through LoS’s database. But that just felt wrong, like an invasion of privacy. The databases were there to keep people safe, not for a friend to wrongfully track down someone who no longer wanted to be her friend.


The loneliness hit differently at night when Lauren and I used to stay up laughing and talking. I now found myself sobbing during that time.

If there was any good to come out of the situation, it was that Andy and I were closer than ever. We were close before, but now we were inseparable. Neither of us trusted Pyro, so we both had to be vigilant. She was not to be underestimated.


Andy and I were sitting on the couch one evening when we heard a loud crashing noise.

I gasped as I leaped up to see where the noise came from.

Could there be an intruder on the plane?


Andy rushed ahead of me and we followed the sound into the Briefing Room. The only thing we found was our Briefing Room erupting into flames.

Our Briefing Room. All of our files, our equipment…

Baby could be in there.


I ran into the room, but Andy stopped me. He protectively threw his arm in front of me to shield me from the flames.

I took one glance at the ruins of our Briefing Room.


Pyro did this.

A hateful fire of my own began to stir in my heart. But this wasn’t the time for revenge, I had a flaming plane to land. Muscle memory kicked in as I raced to the cockpit and attempted to pilot the plane to safety. I was quickly losing control of the vehicle, so I knew what had to be done.


“My sensors indicate a fire in the Briefing Room,” Baby beeped.

Thank goodness.

I was so relieved to find that he was alright. But this wasn’t over yet.

I know what I need to do.


“Buckle up!” I yelled to Andy, who sat in the seat next to mine. Baby neatly jumped into his arms. As soon as I was sure they were strapped down, I slammed my palm onto the “eject” button. It was a safety feature designed for situations like this, where the plane was no longer salvageable. It had never been tested of course, because no one thought there would ever be a use for it.


I sure hope this works.

If not, we were dead. But at least we had a better chance this way than if we’d stayed attached to the flaming plane.

The violent wind blurred my vision. Only a small chunk of the cockpit had separated itself from the plane and I desperately attempted to steer this new vessel best I could with the remaining controls.


For a moment, we froze in the air. I glanced over to Andy and matched the panicked stare his eyes held. Then we fell. Plummeting to the ground, I said a prayer to the universe, begging to spare us.

Or at least, I thought, giving up. Let us have a painless death.


My vision blackened as I felt the impact of the fragmented aircraft hit the hard earth.


Don’t you love cliffhangers? I was especially satisfied with this one.

So…do you think Tori and Andy are dead? What do you think happened to them? Feel free to guess in the comments.

(also, episode 7 comes out on Friday at 3 p.m. EST! I wouldn’t make you all wait too long…)

P.S. More dog bloopers!


Also…episode 7 is now up for all you guys who didn’t read this when it was initially published…heh.

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